Removing the chin with Belkyra

Removing the chin with Belkyra

The Mediestetik Clinic brings a new novel innovation in the field of chin removing. The Allergan company has introduced early this year and has recently marketed a new non-surgical injectable solution for fat removal in the chin area.

Many patients suffer from a problem with a sagging chin or possibly a double chin. The cause may be both overweight and genetic predisposition for fat storage at this site. The new Belkyra solution thus offers the possibility of individual treatment that is completely safe and proven to model and contour the chin area. The safety of the solution is very strict due to FDA certification and extensive studies performed on thousands of patients.

Until now, a similar aesthetic problem could be addressed by lipolysis treatment, fractional laser treatment, focused ultrasonic treatment, and thread lifting. However, Belkyra has a completely new approach to solving and removing the sagging chin.

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