Redermalisation - a new era of skin rejuvenation

Redermalisation - a new era of skin rejuvenation

On the Czech market, Mediestetik Clinic brings a new unique method of intensive rejuvenation of the skin called Redermalization. This is a unique procedure and preparation developed by the Swiss Institute of Hyalual. Redermalisation is an innovative method for effectively preventing aging and skin rejuvenation that affects all the major mechanisms of the aging process.

What is Redermalisation?

Redermalization is a completely unique procedure that aims to restore the upper part of the skin - dermis by the process of redermalization. The procedure is performed with a preparation containing hyaluronic acid and succinic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a notorious substance with a unique ability to bind water and hydrate the skin. Succinic acid is also the body's own substance, which is involved in many metabolically significant processes in the body. Its most important cell-based functions include, in particular, a significant regenerative effect on cells and the influence of their metabolism including antioxidant processes.

Redermalisation is mainly intended to improve skin quality, regenerate individual signs of aging, anti-inflammatory effects on the skin or remove excess pigmentation, reduce convalescence after other aesthetic procedures.


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