NEW: Neuvia Hydro Delux Mesotherapy

NEW: Neuvia Hydro Delux Mesotherapy

Do you also feel that your skin need SOS hydration and revitalizing more that ever before? It‘s time to treat yourself with a deep and intensive care with one of the most effective mini-invasive methods – NEAUVIA HYDRO DELUX mesotherapy. Newly available at the Mediestetik Clinic!

Neauvia Hydro Delux is not just an average mesotherapy! Apart from highly concentrated hyaluronic acid (18 mg/ml) it also involves amino acids, just as 0,01 % hydroxiapatit calcium. It is the last-named component that ensures long-term results visible after two sittings already as hydroxiapatit actively stimulates the creation of new collagen fibres! Hydro Delux mesotherapy refreshes, brightens and firms up your face as well as décolletage, and it’s especially popular with neck area rejuvenation.

Provide your skin with proper hydration before summer. Book a consultation with our derma specialists at tel.: 242 242 242 or

Price from 6 000 CZK

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