Guided implantology

Guided implantology


  • 100% precision and easement of application with 3D modelling software and navigation templates
  • Organic components for faster convalescence and reduction of swelling
  • Major time savings during the procedure and with the following convalescence

What are the crucial milestones of modern stomatology? 3D screening methods (CBCT) and 3D print do both deserve a place in this club. Apart from other areas, this powerful duo has also had its say in the progress of implantology – the improvement involved diagnostics, preoperative planning, just as the application of implants itself.

And the result? Stomato-technology of the 21th century – a groundbreaking method of guided implantology with navigation templates taking the precision of placement to the maximum, and thus ensuring the so much anticipated gentleness of the procedure.


At first, the system MSoft has its turn. The highly-developed modelling software allows the dentist to scan patients mouth to the tiniest detail. No exaggeration needed here! The system is able to get all necessary anatomical data about the patient’s jaw, including its position and thickness. And that is by far not the end – the analysis involves all bone and soft tissues. As soon as the scanning is done, the information is paired by the software.

The resulting model ensures a detailed planning of the most-suitable position, size as well as incline of the implant. Depending on the shape of the jawbone, its anatomical features and the relations between the jaws, the prosthetic works as such are planned. The data are then sent to the 3D printer which produces an MGuide template. This then serves as a detailed and very reliable map, guiding the dentist through the implanting procedure.


Moreover, implanting with the System is a guaranty of a minimal strain for the organism as the structure of the components in the complex MGuide set includes biotin, a natural protein which helps with swelling reduction and implant adaptation/healing.


The answer is clear: the system ensures perfect and safe result for the patient! Complex diagnostics with MSoft software allows for a precise planning of the implant placement according to the patients jaw anatomy. This leads to maximal gentleness of the procedure and prevention of various complications including nerve damage.

Importantly also, thanks to the template system MGuide, the detailed plan does not stay on the computer screen only. It is transferred directly into the patient’s mouth.

Last, but not least – the technology saves patient’s precious time, both at the dental chair and during the convalescence, which gets (thanks to the gentleness of the procedure and the organic material used) to a whole new level.

In the end, one might get and impression that guided implantology takes all the work from the dentists and it all becomes a matter of technology. The opposite is true, however. Guided implantology with navigation templates, indeed, represents a considerable contribution and help to the dentist practice. However, experience and, most importantly, manual skills, are irreplaceable even in this case. System is, therefore, hardly a tool for implantology beginners. That is also why this unique technology can be found at specialized clinics with implantology centres of the highest expertise only.

We are proud that the Mediestetik Clinic and its implantology team is one of them.

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