NEW! Juvederm Volux – Face contours of your dreams!

NEW! Juvederm Volux – Face contours of your dreams!

The Mediestetik Clinic presents another great advancement on its offer! We are proud to be the first Czech clinic to introduce the brand-new product Juvéderm Volux!

This unique treatment using the power of the hyaluronic acid has been designed specifically for lip volume boosting and contouring in the area of lower jaw and chin. Unlike invasive procedures, such as surgical jaw modelling, Juvéderm Volux application requires minimal convalescence and does not make scars. It is a filler with most prominent effects among all members of Juvéderm family. On the top of that – the results are long-term. The Volux effect lasts up to unbelievable 24 months!

Any risks or limitations?

The possible risks using Juvéderm Volux are the same as with any other dermal fillers – that is: minimal. The patient leaves right after the procedure, without scars or swellings, and gets back to everyday life activities immediately.

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  • Price from 11 000 CZK

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