Mám velmi ošklivou barvu zubů, až do šeda, i když se nekazí, pomohou mi fazety?

Dobrý den, ve vašem případě je ideálním řešením využít ultratenkých fazet, které se používají k restauraci chrupu jzejména v případě potřeby změny barvy či povrchu zubu. Při ošetření ultratenkými fazetami se obrušuje minimální tloušťka povrchu zubu. 

Hello, I want to have my chin hair and hair above the upper lip removed. Is there any special regime needed after the treatment?

There is no special regime or recovery time needed after the procedure. Not exposing the skin to direct sun for approximately 14 days is recommended only, in order for the unwanted pigmentation not to occur. 

Hello, I normally pull out my facial hair manually. Is it possible for you to remove them with laser?

Laser epilation using alexandrite laser is the only hair removal procedure certified by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as provably efficient. The treatment is very fast, thanks to a special skin cooling system right before and after the laser impulse it is also painless and is truly permanent. If you normally pull your hair out, stop doing it few weeks before the laser treatment, as the laser has to have hair bulbs to target and destroy.

Question: Hello, can you tell me how does T-Scan differ from other X-rays? Thank you

Answer: T-Scan and X-rays are different technologies. T-Scan® is the newest occlusal diagnostic system, able to see where the dentist couldn't before using traditional occlusal indicator methods. It is able to reveal any possible unevenness of the teeth and to uncover all previously undetectable interrelationships of occlusal surfaces. This allows the dentist to provide more thorough and precise care. It is not an X-ray.

Question: Hello, I want to have implants done and my dentist told me to have this scan done. Can you tell me why?

Answer: T-Scan® can visualize the occusal analysis of your teeth in real time, showing you clearly what is happening in your oral cavity as you bite or chew, and helping the dentist to prepare detailed individual treatment plan for each of their patient. T-Scan® helps with the diagnostics of implant application, in orthodontics; it helps with professional teeth cleaning and also in aesthetical teeth restoration.

Hello, what exactly does PRP mean?

PRP means platelet rich plasma. Platelets are the carriers of grow factors and grow factors and the agents for cellular rejuvenation. RegenPlasma® activates approximately 90 % of growth factors within our plasma which is three times more than any other plasmalifting method.

Hello, I have a question: Plasma lifting vs. RegenPlasm. Which one is more efficient?

RegenPlasma® is innovative Swiss technology of cellular rejuvenation which is able to improve the quality and colour of your skin significantly as well as it is able to smoothen it, firm it up and to correct even the deepest wrinkles. It is currently the most advanced and cleanest form of plasma re-application. It activates approximately 90 % of growth factors within our plasma which is three times more than any other plasmalifting method. Unlike some other methods, RegenPlasma® doesn’t use any chemical activators or additives, which eliminates the risk of any allergic reaction or the patient’s individual intolerance to the absolute minimum. 

Good day, I have a question regarding plasma lifting. I wonder, is this procedure suitable while suffering from atopic eczema and rosacea?

Normally, this procedure is suitable for these skin conditions and actually improves them. Only the doctor can, however, tell you for sure after examining your skin condition in person.

Hello, can you tell me how long the effect lasts? Thanks

The effects of RegenPlasma® can be visible after a single procedure, gradually growing stronger within three weeks (depending on the speed of the patient’s metabolism). The skin is smoother and healthier to look at and to touch after the treatment than it has ever been before.

What are the risks of Regenera?

Risks of this treatment are minimal. In this case, is applied, the same as with RegenPlzama treatment, a body own material. There is no risk of unwanted reaction to the foreign substance.

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