Non-preparation veneers

Turn your smile into a fashion accessory, even if you belong to the people who are not satisfied with the smile that came from "Mother Nature." Now you can "improve the appearance of smile" with our ultra-thin veneers.

What are Non-preparation veneers?

As with traditional veneers, these non-prep veneers are attached to the tooth surface, however for the correct placement they do not require grinding or other interventions in the tooth structure. So if you ever do change your mind and decide to continue in dental care with different approach, these new veneers are easily removable. They are made of a very thin plate of ceramic.

How are Non-preparation veneers applied?

Placement of traditional porcelain veneers usually requires the removal of tooth structure, sometimes beyond the layers of enamel, which is an irreversible process. Some veneers that are currently available can be placed directly on the tooth enamel in a minimally invasive way, possibly  "without tooth preparation".

Moreover, while the use of local anaesthetic is needed for the traditional placement of veneers, with ultrathin veneers this is not necessary as the dentist places the veneers directly on the tooth enamel. This makes the procedure faster and less uncomfortable for the patient.

Patients undergoing this procedure may also require some modification of the teeth, depending on the condition and position of the treated tooth. These adjustments are minimal and affect only the layer of enamel, without penetration into the dentin (i.e. the dental tissue layer under the enamel). Due to the veneers being prepared based on the teeth imprints in a laboratory, the veneers placement will take place during two visits to the dentist.

What can Non-preparation veneers help with?

The so-called "Non-preparation veneers" are mostly used for the treatment of chipped, cracked or worn teeth. It can also solve changes in the colour of the teeth, misshapen or misaligned teeth or small pointy teeth. However, to improve the appearance of deformed or severely curved teeth, it might require conventional veneers or orthodontic treatment.

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Non-preparation veneers | Klinika Mediestetik Non-preparation veneers | Klinika Mediestetik


Non-preparation veneers | Klinika Mediestetik


  • Consultation 500 Kč
  • Non-preparation veener 16 000 Kč

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