Smile-lifting: Aesthetic Teeth Restoration

Apart from the wrong positioning of your teeth or their unfavourable colour, there are many more problems which could negatively influence the looks of your smile. Crooked teeth, broken, chipped, worn out and so on. Fortunately, modern dentistry can help in every situation, no matter how much imperfection there could be, mostly thanks to the so called smile-lifting (also known as aesthetic teeth restoration). This procedure is so popular abroad that you may hardly find a Hollywood star or a big company CEO who hasn’t taken advantage of it yet.

What is Smile-lifting?

Thanks to the Smile-lifting using a robotic system CEREC® the field of dental prosthetics reached a whole new level. This system is able to manufacture quality dental crowns or veneers unrecognizable from patient’s own teeth, which can hide almost any imperfections of your smile without any dental braces or needless extractions. During a single visit it is possible to restore a broken tooth or damaged tooth, crooked one, worn out or chipped with a quality ceramic dental prosthesis. Such prosthesis offers the same firmness as the tooth enamel and for all the years to come, you can expect no colour change at all. A high-tech computer can nowadays do the clockwork, which used to be done by laboratory technicians.

Smile-lifting is very popular among Hollywood celebrities, thanks to its easiness and great results, such as Nicholas Cage, Tom Cruise, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Ben Affleck, George Clooney, Demi Moore and many others. All of them know that it is unaffordable for many people these days to live without that beautiful smile, especially in their occupation.

Non-preparation Veneers

Patients who are not happy with the smile “mother nature” provided can choose to have a “smile makeover”. That means, correcting aesthetic problems associated with tooth shape, position, and colour is possible now with non –preparation veneers.

These veneers can be placed completely within enamel in a non-invasive way. Same as traditional veneers, these are too adhesively bonded to the facial surface of the teeth, however, they do not require the dentist to grind, cut or file down any tooth structure for proper placement. So if you change your mind after some time and wish to proceed with a different approach to your dental care, the non-preparation veneers are quite easily removable.

And what can this type of veneers help you with? 

Non-preparation veneers are mostly used for corrections of chipped or cracked teeth, worn teeth, small, slightly discoloured, stained, misshapen or misaligned teeth. Significantly misshapen or misaligned teeth, however, may require classic veneer placement or orthodontic treatment.

What is a crown and what is a veneer?

A crown is a dental prosthesis substituting a missing tooth which still has its root preserved in the gum. The first-rate dental crowns are made from quality ceramics either manually by a person in a laboratory or instrumentally by the computer system CEREC® right at our clinic.

Veneers are small thin ceramic plates fixed on unfavourably looking teeth (chipped ones, worn out, discoloured etc.) efficiently hiding all their imperfections.

What is the CEREC® system?

CEREC® is a new generation robotic system enabling the field of dental prosthetics to reach a whole new level. It is a 3D modeling system which scans the patient’s oral cavity down to the tiniest details and then designs the optimal shape of the dental filling or crown for such case. Afterwards, it also manufactures the recommended prosthesis in high-quality ceramics in a span of tens of minutes. In modern dentistry, it is therefore obsolete nowadays what was still bothering us in recent past, like waiting for the laboratory technician, several visits to the dentist’s office and temporary dental prosthesis. The patient only visits the dentist once now and they leave with a fully functional prosthesis, no stress, no waiting.

What is the CEREC® system able to manufacture?

This robotic system is able to manufacture ceramic fillings for the inside of the tooth (so called in-lay), for the surface of the tooth (so called on-lay) or over it (so called over-lay). It also manufactures high-quality ceramic crowns digitally designed for each patient specifically based on thorough scanning and precise calculations.

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Smile-lifting: Aesthetic Teeth Restoration | Klinika Mediestetik Smile-lifting: Aesthetic Teeth Restoration | Klinika Mediestetik


Smile-lifting: Aesthetic Teeth Restoration | Klinika Mediestetik


  • Consultation 500 Kč
  • Ceramic veneer from 13 000 Kč

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Question: Hello, is it possible to solve broken teeth through veneer application?

Answer: Hello, it depends very much on the amount of damage done to the tooth, whether it is just chipped (and therefore can be corrected by veneers) or whether it is more severely damaged and therefore it would be better to correct it through dental crown application. Both cases, however, can be solved.

Question: I have very bad teeth colour, although they’re healthy. Can veneers help?

Answer: Hello, in such cases we often recommend ultrathin veneers, used specifically for such surface problems as the unwanted teeth colour.

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