Cryolipolysis with a 30 % discount

Cryolipolysis, or fat freezing in problematic areas, starts the process of spontaneous fat cells elimination! The fat cells removed during this procedure are reduced permanently. Clients mostly require abdomen and hips treatment, as well as arms, thighs etc.

This procedure's design is specifically developed so as not to cause any strain to the body. Its effect will further develop within 3 months after the treatment!

Say goodbye to fat cells with us!

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Week of Beauty | 5.12. - 16.12.

Only in the period 5.12. - 16.12.2022 you can get treatments with "beauty injections" in Prague and Teplice with a 15% discount! 

Are you noticing new wrinkles at your forehead or between your eyebrows? Take your chance with the special offer -15 %.

The free dates are being booked fast as usual so do not miss your opportunity!

Tel.: +420 242 242 242
E-mail: info@mediest.cz

Dermabooster with 40% discount.

The ultimate anti-aging and revitalizing cocktail of 50 active substances that help stop the unpleasant signs of aging! It contains positively known peptides as well as all important vitamins, antioxidants and of course hyaluronic acid, which is widely known for its incredible hydrating effect! With DermaBooster 50, your skin will look instantly healthier, fresher and especially younger!
Special price now with 40% discount from 5 000 Kč 3 000 Kč!

Laser epilation with 40% discount

Laser epilation with alexandrite laser is the only epilation technique patented by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as provably effective. The procedure is fast and, thanks to the special cooling system of the skin right before and after the contact with the laser impulse, it is also painless with truly permanent results.

  • Discount at the Mediestetik Clinics in Teplice 50 %
  • Discount at the Mediestetik Clinic in Prague 40 %

    (for more information call +420 242 242 242)

Hair Regrowth Treatment with 25% discount

If you are suffering from sudden hair loss, we have an effective solution for you! An absolutely unbeatable treatment that immediately triggers massive tissue regeneration and renewal processes. In addition, the treatment is certified by the US FDA.

And how does it actually work?

The doctor uses a patented device to create a unique cell suspension rich in stem cells and growth factors that can stimulate circulation, revitalize hair follicles and improve the overall condition of the scalp. In no time at all, everything is ready and you can look forward to great results.

Now in a unique promotion with a 25% discount

To book an appointment with our trichologist or if you have any questions, please contact us at 242 242 242 or info@mediest.cz

Christmas vouchers up to 20% bonus | Klinika Mediestetik

Christmas vouchers up to 20% bonus

Have you already thought of your Christmas presents? Gift vouchers with up to 20% bonus are the universal gift that you can get anytime, anywhere.

With every voucher from us you will receive a 10-20% bonus as a gift!
Voucher 1 000 CZK - 10 000 CZK with 10% bonus
Voucher 11 000 CZK - 20 000 CZK with a 15% bonus
Voucher 21 000 Kč - 30 000 Kč even with a 20% bonus

Order now by calling +420 242 242 242. Available for collection today at the branch.


*cannot be used on already discounted services and goods.
*Christmas vouchers can be used for any aesthetic dermatology treatments


Cryolipolysis with a 30 % discount


Week of Beauty | 5.12. - 16.12.


Dermabooster with 40% discount.


Laser epilation with 40% discount


Hair Regrowth Treatment with 25% discount


Christmas vouchers up to 20% bonus

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