Non-invasive bodylifting Thermage

Are you worried by sagging skin in your belly area or in the lower part of your arms? Don’t be ashamed, you’re not alone. And what’s more, you don’t have to keep making peace with it anymore and you don’t have to keep searching for the plastic surgeon either. Radiofrequency lifting Thermage® achieves results comparable to the surgery without any intervention in your body and with no necessary downtime.

What is Thermage®?

Thermage® is a premium non-invasive deep (instrumental) lifting using radiofrequency energy. It doesn’t just tighten the surface of the skin but most importantly it also affects the deep layers of the skin which matter the most during any lifting. No other non-invasive method could affect the skin structures this deep and have such remarkable results. Thermage® is more efficient than any laser and more complex than any manual rejuvenation technique. The effects can competitively be compared to plastic surgery but minus the stress and the long recovery time.

Which areas can be treated by this procedure?

Basically any area of the body can be treated by this method – neck, décolleté, hands, thighs, or belly. Mostly, the patients undergo this treatment because of the sagging skin in their belly area (after giving birth or loosing significant weight) or in the lower part of their arms.

The effect of Thermage®

The treatment is suitable for all skin colours and types and in comparison to laser or ultrasound treatments it is only necessary to undergo once. The effect gains its full intensity within six months after the procedure is performed and lasts up 2 - 5 years which is an amount of time no other non-invasive method can match.

Why is Thermage® so unique?

Thermage® is highly efficient and safe medical technique developed in the United States. It is fast, painless and there is no need for any recovery time afterwards. Because of its specific features it is only performed by experts in top-notch medical facilities across the globe such as Swiss Clinic Lémanic, British CMA Lasers or Mediestetic Clinic in Prague.

It is the deepest available lifting which you only have to undergo once in order for its effect 2 - 5 years, and areas can be treated by this method which no other procedure is good enough to handle, such as moveable eye lids.


Non-invasive bodylifting Thermage | Klinika Mediestetik Non-invasive bodylifting Thermage | Klinika Mediestetik


Non-invasive bodylifting Thermage | Klinika Mediestetik


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    from 65 000 CZK

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Hello, I wonder, how long does the effect of the treatment last?

The effect lasts up to 5 years and even after the maximum effect has passed, the skin will still look and feel better than before the treatment.

Hello, I’m considering undergoing blepharoplasty, but this method of yours caught my attention. Is the effect comparable to the plastic surgery? How long does it last?

Classical blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure. Thermage is a completely non-invasive deep skin lifting. There is no recovery time needed afterwards, nor are there any visible traces left on the skin after the procedure. The outcomes are, however, comparable with the plastic surgery, the eyelids are raised and your gaze will feel younger and fresher in years to come without the need for a surgery.

Hello, you say that age is not a factor for the Thermage treatment, I have, however, heard that the skin loses more collagen the older it gets, so there is basically nothing left to stimulate at certain point. Is this true? What’s the difference between your Thermage and those offered in other beauty salons for less than half of your price?

You are right. Collagen truly diminishes in the skin as the years go by. That is why Thermage is the most efficient technique of skin lifting available. It is able to stimulate even already loosened collagen fibres within the deepest skin layers. It was our clinic, who introduced the procedure to the Czech market as the very first medical facility, which gives us the longest and richest experience in the performance of this procedure. Various beauty salons or studios usually don’t use the authentic device. There are many alternatives of the device, mostly purchased from the Asian markets, or also old discharged devices, which can be purchased relatively cheaply. Their efficiency and their safety, however, are very questionable.

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