Facial rejuvenation by fractional Fraxel Laser

If you want to give the skin a youthful and delicate texture, one of the solutions is treatment by fractional Fraxel DUAL® laser. This unique laser can effectively rejuvenate the skin, which brightens, improves its structure, and does not disrupt its integrity. Laser treatment can also treat effectively scars or stretch marks.


Fraxel DUAL® is a fractional, non-ablative laser that rejuvenates the skin and smooths its surface. However, the impact on the tissue, on the contrary to ablative lasers, does not disrupt the integrity and the upper layer of the skin. In addition, Fraxel DUAL® laser beams penetrate the skin according to the intensity, coverage and depth that the physician adjusts to the clinical condition of the skin. Laser beams affect aged collagen fibres and other skin structures. The impact of laser treatment is, due to the remodelling of existing collagen fibres and supporting the production of new ones, immediate. The effect then increases further according to the type of treatment. The result is stronger, more flexible, brighter and more beautiful skin. Fraxel DUAL® laser treatment is fast and almost painless thanks to the use of a special cooling unit Zimmer.  The Zimmer unit cools the surface of the skin with cool air coming through the laser handpiece. There is no recovery necessary. It is possible to apply make-up directly on treated skin.

The Fraxel DUAL® laser works in two modes, the first one in the Erbium laser mode, which works with a laser wavelength of 1550 nm, which is particularly suited for the treatment of deeper structures. Thus for skin lifting, stretch marks and scars removal. The second mode is the Thulium laser mode, which operates at a laser wavelength of 1927 nm; this mode fits more to the surface treatment of the skin. It can also solve the unwanted pigmentation of the skin.


Physicians perform the Fraxel DUAL® laser rejuvenation most often on the face, neck, décolleté, but it is possible to treat any part of the skin on the body.


The effect of Fraxel DUAL® laser treatment is visible immediately after the treatment and is increasing further in the upcoming weeks. Post-treatment, the skin is reddish, more perfused with blood. Skin regenerates gradually. Resulting in the final effect due to the repair mechanisms in the skin. A patient can undergo the treatment once, but it is advisable to repeat it in several sessions for the best results. The result always depends on the specific nature of the problem and the specialist's recommendation. The treatment intervals are between 2 to 4 weeks. The effect is immediate and progressive. Optimal results and improvements are usually visible in 2 to 3 months.


The treatment duration is 20-60 minutes depending on the size of the treated area.


  • Smoother, fresher and younger skin
  • Enhanced tone and skin texture
  • Reduced unwanted brown spots
  • Removal of wrinkles around the eyes
  • Improvement of acne scars or scars after surgery

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Facial rejuvenation by fractional Fraxel Laser | Klinika Mediestetik Facial rejuvenation by fractional Fraxel Laser | Klinika Mediestetik


Facial rejuvenation by fractional Fraxel Laser | Klinika Mediestetik


Face treatment 11500 CZK
Treatment of a décolleté 9800 CZK
Facial and neck treatment 14000 CZK
Facial treatment of the neck
and décolleté 18400 CZK


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For what is the Fraxel DUAL laser suitable for?

The Fraxel DUAL laser is suitable for dealing with skin conditions that do not need to damage its integrity, especially non-invasive laser lifting, laser peeling, stretch marks and scars.

Is treatment painful?

Fraxel DUAL laser treatment can be perceived in some cases with sensations of armor or electrification of the skin for sensitive individuals. However, thanks to the use of special head cooling together with appropriate parameter settings, full comfort can be achieved and the treatment is almost painless.

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