Plastic arm surgery: Arm Lift

The sagging skin is not just a matter of face and neck, but it can also appear on our arms, where it creates unpleasant skin excesses. It happens very often, especially to women, who then face the so-called "hanging" triceps. What causes it? Most often a significant weight loss or age. However, contemporary aesthetic medicine can cope with this problem effortlessly, and the Mediestetik clinic is not far behind.

What is Arm Lift?

You may have heard the term Brachioplasty or surgical removal of excess skin on the arms. Lifting creams can promise you the moon. However, the truth is that their effectiveness, specifically in this area, is minimal. If your arms are a hindrance to you not only from an aesthetic but also a physical reason, there is nothing else to consider. The only effective solution is surgical lifting. The surgeon places the incision in the armpit. It is always necessary to combine lifting with the extraction of excess fat, i.e. with liposuction of arms.

How does the arm lift take place?

Generally, for all plastic surgeries, the first step is always an in-depth consultation with a surgeon.  He determines whether the procedure is appropriate and to what extent. The preoperative examination follows, i.e. laboratory blood analysis and especially ECG. In the operating theatre, arm lift takes place in general anaesthesia for approximately 2,5 hours. The surgeon leads the incision in the armpit. Afterwards, he removes excess skin, including subcutaneous tissue and pulls sagging skin up. The treatment requires hospitalisation of one night. Post-operation, it is necessary to wear compression garments for 6 weeks, and bed rest.

What is the result?

It can be seen in full beauty in a few months after surgery. If the extent of the skin is correctly defined and the patient keeps up with the recommended follow-up care  (including scar massage), the effect is very satisfactory. Then it comes to pulling short-sleeved T-shirts back out from the depth of the wardrobe.

Why undergo arm lift at Mediestetik?

Not only do our surgeons have arm lift at their fingertips, they also have state-of-the-art equipment and quality materials. For example, did you know that our operating suite is from special antibacterial glass that guarantees 100% safety to patients? After a personal and detailed consultation with your surgeon, you can undergo the arm lift with absolute certainty and tranquillity.

For more information about this procedure, please contact us at or on the info line: 242 242 242.


Plastic arm surgery: Arm Lift | Klinika Mediestetik Plastic arm surgery: Arm Lift | Klinika Mediestetik


Plastic arm surgery: Arm Lift | Klinika Mediestetik


  • Arm Lift from 52 000 Kč

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