Plastic surgery of ears : Otoplasty

They often serve us very well, but their appearance is troubling us - the talk is about the sticking out ears! Stop hiding your ears and start wearing other hairstyles proudly than just loose hair! Otoplasty will help you.

What is it about?

Plastic surgery of the ears (otoplasty) solves the problem of congenital ear shapes, mostly so-called protruding ears, or shape deformations of the ear itself, either congenital or after injury. The auricle is made up of cartilage and a skin cover that exactly follows the shape of the auricle cartilage. Cartilage is fixed to the skull at the base by fibrous bands and tiny muscles. It is these ligaments that determine the distance between the ears and the scalp. The operation itself can also solve cartilage inequalities, its shape and relief.

What areas does the procedure treat?

This operation resolves the shape and appearance of the ear and auricle: whether it is the asymmetry of the ears, them sticking out or other non-aesthetic deformation. It always depends on the patient's requirements and the doctor's recommendation.

What makes the surgery unique?

Do you long for ears that would not attract unwanted attention all your life? Right for you, the otoplasty is the ideal choice. The procedure itself is performed only under local anaesthesia, so it is not as burdensome for the body as other, more demanding operations where full anaesthesia is required. You can have your dream ears in less than two hours! This procedure is even common in children, who can avoid the unpleasant feeling in the future.

How does the procedure take place?

The patient undergoes the procedure only under local anaesthesia. The surgeon guides the incision behind the ear and then moulds the cartilage and pulls the ears closer to the head. Following a sterile dressing, the patient receives a specially designed headband that he will wear for 3 weeks nonstop. Then only during the night for one month afterwards. Due to the incision being behind the ear, it is almost invisible. Women have a big advantage because the scar is not visible, thanks to their long hair.

Why choose the Mediestetik Clinic?

With detailed consultations, professional care of the surgeon and the entire team, as well as state-of-the-art operating procedures and equipment, patients can be sure that they are going to the surgery with the maximum of available information, confidence and peace of mind. For example, did you know that as one of the few in the Czech Republic (and in Europe in general) we have an operating room made of special antibacterial glass that ensures 100% patient safety?

For more information about the otoplasty, please contact us at or on the info line: +420 242 242 242.


Plastic surgery of ears : Otoplasty | Klinika Mediestetik Plastic surgery of ears : Otoplasty | Klinika Mediestetik


Plastic surgery of ears : Otoplasty | Klinika Mediestetik


Plastic surgery of ears from 21 900 CZK

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