Correction of scars and pigmentation

Whether occurring after an injury or a surgery, scars make nobody happy. They occur after the skin is disrupted and then heals again, not perfectly. Usually, they have different colour and structure than the surrounding tissue, which makes them optically highlighted. Brownish spots made of melanin, also called pigment spots, are a very similar case. They occur due to the UV radiation. How to deal with them? With lasers.

What kind of lasers should I chose?

Scar Correction

Fractional non-ablative laser efficiently corrects various problems of the skin relief (such as scars, wrinkles or for example stretch marks, too). It can stimulate elastin fibres in the skin without causing any disruptions on it, which then corrects the scar and evens the skin relief out. The treatment is very fast, there is no pain and no recovery time needed afterwards.

Older or deeper scars can be treated by resurfacing laser or the combination of it and the treatment. laser disrupts the surface layers of the skin thermally and then stimulates their fast regeneration. Scars, acne scars or dimples can be treated this way.

Every treatment plan is designed individually and specifically to meet the expectations of every patient.

Pigmentation Removal

Laser treatments are considered the most efficient solutions for the removal of unwanted pigmentation. Whether it is done by a fractional ablative laser, vascular laser or by their combination, the complete removal of pigment spots or larger pigmentation areas is possible.

Resurfacing laser renews the surface layer of the skin completely. The current one with the pigment problem is replaced by a brand new layer without pigmentation in a matter of days. Apart from unwanted pigmentation, this laser can also efficiently remove freckles, skin excrescences of any kind, moles, fibromas or warts. It is also great for acne scars removal.

Vascular V-Beam® Perfecta laser, on the other hand, doesn’t disrupt the skin anyhow. It can treat pigment, sun and age (liver) spots as well as it is great for treating acne.

Which areas can I get treated?

Almost any facial area can be treated by medical lasers as well as the neck, décolleté or basically any area of the body, too.

The effect of laser treatment

All laser corrections of unwanted aesthetical problems of the skin are ambulatory. They are mostly performed in topical anaesthesia (although not always) and they are usually done in a matter of minutes. There is no special regime needed afterwards (apart from limited sun exposure) as well as no recovery time. The skin is normalised within few days after the treatment and the full effect develops in a matter of three weeks.

Ablative vs. Non-ablative laser

If you’re not familiar with various laser types, you really don’t have to be. A professional can always tell you which one is suitable to help you with your condition. Generally speaking, there are ablative and non-ablative lasers. Non-ablative lasers treat the skin without disrupting it. Such lasers heat the skin up to stimulate it to bigger collagen production, which means the skin becomes more elastic and tight (for example during laser peeling).

The exact opposite of non-ablative laser is obviously ablative laser. This type of laser disrupts top skin layer and causes its complete renewal at the same time. Probably, the most well-known ablative laser which achieves great results in skin rejuvenation and removing freckles, skin excrescences of any kind, moles, fibromas or warts. 

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Correction of scars and pigmentation | Klinika Mediestetik Correction of scars and pigmentation | Klinika Mediestetik


Correction of scars and pigmentation | Klinika Mediestetik


  • Facial resurfacing laser
    from 10 000 Kč
  • Facial Rejuvenation
    from 7 800 Kč
  • Laser removal of pigmentation
    from 1 250 Kč

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I heard fractional laser has two heads. Which one is used for rejuvenation?

We indeed possess two heads for the device. Both of them are used for rejuvenation purposes, each of them however works on a different principle: 1540 head uses laser beam and DeepIR head uses infrared light.

I’ve spent all my teenage years fighting with acne and now I’m left with unsightly scars. I’ve heard that a laser may help with them, is it true?

Resurfacing laser by Candela® achieves great results in correcting acne scars. It disrupts the top skin layer and causes its complete renewal at the same time.

I have age spots and wrinkles all over my face. Can you help me with that?

There are various methods that can help you. One of such can be a facial resurfacing by a laser which achieves great results in correcting wrinkles, in removing unwanted pigmentation and in overall skin rejuvenation.

Hello, I’d like to have my red webs in the face removed. They are mostly around the nose and on my cheeks. Will I be reddish after the treatment?

It is possible that the treated area will seem reddish after the treatment. Such condition will, however, disappear within hours, days the latest. The very next day after the treatment you can apply your make-up, so the slight redness shouldn’t be a problem. 

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