Is there any limitation after the procedure?

Not at all. Just stay away from saunas for a bit and do not perform sports or drink alcohol on the day of the treatment.

Hello, I’d like to book for this procedure. I want to lose some weight from my belly and thighs. Is this procedure suitable for me?

Yes, the treatment can be performed in the areas of your interest. It also depends on the actual state of your fat layer in the area. The doctor will gladly give you more information during a personal consultation and examination.

Hello, I have a question. Is the procedure suitable for a 63 year old woman?

This treatment is suitable for anyone older than 18.

Hello. Is one procedure enough or do I have to repeat it?

The procedure can help you get rid of up to 40 % of locally stored fat after a single treatment. The fat cells removed shall be gone forever. Most patients are satisfied after one treatment; however, the procedure can be repeated in order to achieve a more remarkable result.

Can the dermal fillers lift flabby lip corners?

Yes, the application of hyaluronic acid to the correct strategic points of the lips can achieve visual uplift of the drooping mouth corners. Crucial is the analysis by a specialist, who is able to choose the right and most effective way of application.

Hello, I'm interested in filling the grooves above the upper lip. I have no experience, I'm 53 years old. Your husband hates your puffy lips, so I wonder if you are sensitive to this.

For our lip fill, we use a special Volbella filler that has been specially formulated for lip treatment. It is very soft and soft, which causes a very natural effect.

Hello. Can I ask how this method is done?

It is a mini-invasive method in which dermal fillings are applied to various skin depths to model it.

Hello. I would like to add volume to my face, I have a lot of faulty faces and overall look older than I am. Is it possible to deliver volume to your faces?

Of course, a very effective method of restoring face volume is so-called 3D lifting, which is a special technique for applying dermal fillings. The result is fuller, younger-looking, faces.

I’d like to undergo deep hydration treatment. What can I choose from?

There are three methods of natural renewal of the vital features of skin cells with hyaluronic acid performed at our clinic. In case of Bio-revitalization pure hyaluronic acid is applied in the skin, with Mesotherapy it is a special cocktail based on this acid enriched with vitamins, minerals and other beneficial elements chosen specifically for each patient according to the type and state of their complexion. In case of Hydrolifting such cocktail also contains glycerol. Distinctive features of glycerol in this combination activate the skin to higher collagen production which firms it noticeably. Apart from aforementioned manual methods performed by the physician using very thin micro-needles, there is also a completely non-invasive, instrumental form of mesotherapy – Eporex®. This innovative and patented system uses the principle called Iontophoresis, which is essentially opening of the surface skin layers through galvanic effects of electric current.

Hello, when can I have this procedure done? Is it better in autumn than in the summer?

You can undergo mesotherapy in any season of the year. We don’t recommend exposing the treated skin to direct sun for approximately three days after the treatment. Afterwards, there is no limitation. 

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