Hello, I have really light hair, is it possible to remove them, too?

Unfortunately, hair completely without pigment (such as very light ones and white) cannot be treated this way, as the laser specifically targets the pigment.

Hello, is it possible to treat tanned skin?

Unfortunately, darker, tattooed or tanned skin cannot be treated this way, as the laser targets the pigment. For the same reason it is not possible to remove hair completely without pigment with this method (such as very light ones and white).

Hello, I have a question regarding hair removal in the intimate area. I normally shave but almost every time some of the hair then grow into my skin and cause the inflammation. It takes some time for it to normalize again. I wonder if it’s possible to undergo laser hair removal in my case too, as I have groin full of small scars. Thanks.

In your case we would actually recommend the laser hair removal, as it doesn’t cause the same problem as the regular shaving. Scars are not a problem either.

Hello, I normally pull out my facial hair manually. Is it possible for you to remove them with laser?

Laser epilation using alexandrite laser is the only hair removal procedure certified by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as provably efficient. The treatment is very fast, thanks to a special skin cooling system right before and after the laser impulse it is also painless and is truly permanent. If you normally pull your hair out, stop doing it few weeks before the laser treatment, as the laser has to have hair bulbs to target and destroy.

Hello, is there any difference between Injection Lipolysis and Lipomodelling treatment?

Both Injection Lipolysis and Lipomodelling are mini-invasive methods. Active solutions are applied straight into fat cells during both these procedures. Speaking of Injection Lipolysis, the active solution in this case is lecithin. In case of lipomodelling, it’s an solution on a base with peptide. Both solutions are fully compatible with human body and ensure completely natural and safe treatment. Of the two, Lipomodelling is the evolutionary more advanced method, its results are usually faster and the number of repetition recommended is lower.

Can I do sports after the treatment?

Of course you can, there is no limitation in movement.

Hello, can this method be applied for the double chin removal?

Yes, it can. Injection Lipolysis is actually one of the very best methods for removing unwanted fat under the chin.

Hello, I wanted to ask you whether it is possible to remove the fat from my knees.

Of course it is. Active solution of lecithin is applied straight into fat cells during Injection Lipolysis, which is one of the most effective techniques for fat removal in smaller areas. After being applied, it immediately starts fast and effective fission of the fat cells, which then slowly die out and are discharged off your body naturally, through your lymphatic system. The solution is fully compatible with human body and ensures completely natural and safe treatment. 

Because of my occupation, as I need to stand up all day while working, I have a problem with visible veins on my legs. Is it possible to correct them somehow?

Vascular laser by a well renowned American company Candela is the most efficient solution for skin problems of vascular origin. Laser beam causes fast withdrawal of the visible vessels. Those red spider webs will then slowly fade and you’ll be left with porcelain looking complexion.

Hello, I’d like to have my red webs in the face removed. They are mostly around the nose and on my cheeks. Will I be reddish after the treatment?

It is possible that the treated area will seem reddish after the treatment. Such condition will, however, disappear within hours, days the latest. The very next day after the treatment you can apply your make-up, so the slight redness shouldn’t be a problem. 

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