Hello, what exactly does PRP mean?

PRP means platelet rich plasma. Platelets are the carriers of grow factors and grow factors and the agents for cellular rejuvenation. RegenPlasma® activates approximately 90 % of growth factors within our plasma which is three times more than any other plasmalifting method.

Hello, I have a question: Plasma lifting vs. RegenPlasm. Which one is more efficient?

RegenPlasma® is innovative Swiss technology of cellular rejuvenation which is able to improve the quality and colour of your skin significantly as well as it is able to smoothen it, firm it up and to correct even the deepest wrinkles. It is currently the most advanced and cleanest form of plasma re-application. It activates approximately 90 % of growth factors within our plasma which is three times more than any other plasmalifting method. Unlike some other methods, RegenPlasma® doesn’t use any chemical activators or additives, which eliminates the risk of any allergic reaction or the patient’s individual intolerance to the absolute minimum. 

Hello, can you tell me how long the effect lasts? Thanks

The effects of RegenPlasma® can be visible after a single procedure, gradually growing stronger within three weeks (depending on the speed of the patient’s metabolism). The skin is smoother and healthier to look at and to touch after the treatment than it has ever been before.

Question: What’s the difference between the classical braces, the invisible ones and the foil ones?

Answer: Traditional fixed outer braces consist of small metal brackets and a thin connective wire. The brackets are fixed on the outer side of the teeth and are slowly being pulled together through various stages of straightening into a nice and healthy dental arch. Unlike the traditional braces, the invisible ones are fixed on the inner side of the teeth, which makes them invisible at the first sight. A special type of braces is the foil ones (also called removable). In this case, several individual sets of transparent foils are made for each patient based on the computer modelling, which they systematically change according to the treatment plan. 

Question: Can braces be also worn by adults, not just children?

Answer: Of course. The orthodontic treatment is not limited by age; we have patients from young age all the way to the 50 years old.

Hello, I'm interested in filling the grooves above the upper lip. I have no experience, I'm 53 years old. Your husband hates your puffy lips, so I wonder if you are sensitive to this.

For our lip fill, we use a special Volbella filler that has been specially formulated for lip treatment. It is very soft and soft, which causes a very natural effect.

Hello. Can I ask how this method is done?

It is a mini-invasive method in which dermal fillings are applied to various skin depths to model it.

Hello. I would like to add volume to my face, I have a lot of faulty faces and overall look older than I am. Is it possible to deliver volume to your faces?

Of course, a very effective method of restoring face volume is so-called 3D lifting, which is a special technique for applying dermal fillings. The result is fuller, younger-looking, faces.

Uvažuji o abdominoplastice a jako kuřáka mě nejvíc děsí přísný zákaz cigaret. Je pravda, že se nesmí kouřit už před zákrokem?

Ano, je to pravda. Kouření, jak známo stahuje cévy a snižuje tak výrazně prokrvení. Před zákrokem je tak třeba kompletně se cigaretám vyvarovat, a to nejméně po dobu 5 dní. Pokud nechcete ohrozit hojení po operaci, kouření se budete muset vzdát i po zákroku, nejméně jeden týden.

Možná to zní jako detail, ale musím se zeptat: Změní mi operace vzhled mého pupíku?

Dobrý den, rozhodně se nejedná o nepodstatnou otázku. Pupík hraje v celkovém vzhledu břicha velkou roli. Můžeme vás ale uklidnit. Abdominoplastika nezanechá na této části žádné stopy – lepe řečeno, váš pupík, tak jak vypadá, je přesazen na stejné místo pouze na vypnuté kůži.

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