Mesothreads and LAC lift

As soon as we pass the age 25, we may begin to notice that our skin is slowly wilting. As always, the wrinkles appear first then the facial contours start sagging too. The reason to this is that the collagen fibres in the skin slowly loosen as years pass us by. The good news is that it is possible to prevent this to a certain level and moreover, also to correct it once it happened. How? There is a choice of solutions for you – either Magical Lifting® using so called mesothreads.

What is LAC-LIFTING using mesothreads?

LAC-Lifting is the most efficient way to restore the firmness of the face and of the facial oval, as well as to correct the sagginess of the tissue.  

Special biocompatible mesothreads made from 100% lactic acid in its polymerized form are applied into the skin during the treatment in order to support the skin and to stimulate it to create a significant amount of collagen that tightens it in the long term.

Lactic acid is fully compatible with the human body, which minimalizes or completely excludes any negative reactions of the organism, and the effect lasts 3 – 4 times longer than the effect of classic mesothreads. 

What are Magical Lifting® 

Both are the newest technologies of mini-invasive skin firming. Special biocompatible threads (mesothreads) are applied into the skin during both these treatments. Nets are made out of these threads to support the skin and stimulate it to create a significant amount of elastin bridges that tighten the skin. Six months after the treatment the body metabolises these threads so that they fully dissolve, leaving a collagen skeleton, this will tighten the skin for another two years.

Which areas can be treated by this procedure?

Any area of the face can be treated by these methods. The most popular are forehead, eye surroundings, cheeks and facial oval, also neck and décolleté or various other areas of the body.

The effect of Magical Lifting® 

The effects of both methods are visible to a certain extent right after the procedure. The skin looks and feels firmer straight away. There are no traces left after the micro-needles (applied in topical anaesthesia), so there is no need to take a free day at work, or to cancel any of your meetings. In several more weeks to come the collagen within the skin will cover the threads and the effect of the treatment will be maximized.

The effect of Magical Lifting® usually lasts up to three years.

Magical Lifting® vs. Art Filting®

All these methods belong to the category of thread lifting. There are many forms of such lifting and for many patients there is absolutely no difference in various types of threads. For a specialist, however there are very significant differences.

Mesothreads tighten the skin and prevent its withering; Art Filting® is a gentler alternative of surgical facelift. It grants the skin a very distinctive lifting effect while it remains completely mini-invasive. 

Simply said, mesothreads firm the skin, the Art Filting® is capable to lift even significantly sagged skin which usually occurs in the lower third of the face, in the neck area and under the eyes. Combinations of these procedures are frequently recommended, too. However, their indication depends mostly on the state of the patient’s skin and the doctor’s advice. 


Mesothreads and LAC lift | Klinika Mediestetik Mesothreads and LAC lift | Klinika Mediestetik


Mesothreads and LAC lift | Klinika Mediestetik


LAC lifting both face side 15 000 Kč
Mesothreads second chin from 4 500 Kč
Mesothreads face from 12 600 Kč
Mesothreads face oval from 9 000 Kč


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