Do you suffer from sagging skin on your stomach or unpleasant and non-aesthetic muffin tops? An ideal solution for many women, especially after labour, is abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). This abdominal plastic operation will give you a slim look and even remove some part of the stretch marks.

What is abdominoplasty?

The abdominoplasty reduces the subcutaneous fat layer, removes excess skin, and tightens the muscles of the abdominal wall. For example, skin and muscle loosening occur after a major change in weight or after pregnancy, when the woman's body undergoes large volume changes in the abdomen. As a result of such weight loss or pregnancy are often stretch marks; sagging skin and abdominal muscles separation are also present. Abdominoplasty is the ideal solution to these imperfections.

What areas does the procedure treat?

Within the abdominoplasty, on the basis of the consultation and recommendation, the attending physician surgically adjusts the abdominal area. In the case of the loose skin only in the area of ​​the lower abdomen, only this part can be treated. This variation of abdominoplasty is called mini-abdominoplasty. The decision always depends on the patient's condition and the doctor's recommendation.

What makes the surgery unique?

Abdominoplasty can easily and quickly solve not only a visible problem but also prevent further muscle separation. Abdominal plastic surgery is suitable for both women and men. It usually removes several kilograms of subcutaneous adipose tissue and skin.

How does the operation take place?

A surgeon performs abdominoplasty under general anaesthesia. The principle of the operation is liposuction of subcutaneous fat excess, superfluous skin removal and reconnection of the separated abdominal muscles. The incision is made in the lower abdomen above the upper edge of the pubic hair, thus ensuring minimal visibility of the subsequent scar. This incision only disrupts the skin and subcutis, not the muscle. Separation and removal of excess skin with subcutaneous fat from the abdominal wall follow. A doctor then transplants the navel at the same location on the stretched skin.

Treatment effect

The patient must always count on the occurrence of possible scars due to excess skin reduction. The scar location is in the area of ​​the lower abdomen. A surgeon places incision on the abdominal wall as low as possible, to cover it with underwear. Another small scar is around the navel. Mediestetik patients do not have to be concerned about scars. Our professionals do their best to make them less visible. Abdominoplasty is practically always a combination of abdomen surgery and liposuction of the abdominal wall. The effect of the operation depends on keeping on a proper diet and regular sport activity. However, we cannot guarantee the patient will not have significant weight changes after the surgery. If the skin decreases in the area of ​​the pubic area, we can combine abdominoplasty with lifting.

Why choose the Mediestetik Clinic?

With detailed consultations, professional care of the surgeon and the entire team, as well as state-of-the-art operating procedures and equipment, patients can be sure that they are going to the surgery with the maximum of available information, confidence and peace of mind. For example, did you know that as one of the few in the Czech Republic (and in Europe in general) we have an operating room made of special antibacterial glass that ensures 100% patient safety?

For more information about abdominoplasty, please contact us at info@mediest.cz or on the info line: +420 242 242 242.


Abdominoplasty | Klinika Mediestetik Abdominoplasty | Klinika Mediestetik


Abdominoplasty | Klinika Mediestetik


  • Small abdominoplasty
    from 62 480 CZK
  • Medium abdominoplasty
    from 73 280 CZK
  • Large abdominoplasty
    from 84 080 Kč

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