Wrinkle removal injections

What is Beauty Injection?

Application of Beauty Injection can reduce mimic wrinkles most efficiently. How? The substance relaxes mimic muscles, which are responsible for the development of these wrinkles, thanks to which it smoothens out the skin above them. You don’t loose sensitivity in the treated area; just the mimic movements are limited slightly after the procedure, such as frowning.

Which areas can be treated by this procedure?

Areas treated most commonly are the forehead and the eye and mouth surroundings. Absolutely most popular treatment is the one of so called glabela, which you know as the frowning wrinkle between your eyebrows.

The effect of dermal fillers

Application of Beauty Injection is a fast ambulatory treatment not requiring any type of anaesthesia. It is done within several minutes and the effect of it is visible right away. Immediately after the treatment you can also return to work or to your social life as it doesn’t leave any traces and needs no recovery time. No special arrangements are needed either, apart from details such as not bending forward for a few hours; skip the sauna for the day etc.

Beauty Injection vs. Dermal fillers

Both methods are used for wrinkle correction. Each one however solves a different type of wrinkles. Beauty Injection relaxes muscles responsible for so called mimic wrinkles (as the one occurring between your eyebrows due to frequent frowning) through which it corrects them. It is therefore considered the most efficient way of mimic wrinkle correction.

Deep wrinkles and lines occurring in the skin due to a loss of tissue in the area are, on the other hand, best corrected by dermal fillers as they – as the word itself suggests – efficiently filling them in.


Wrinkle removal injections | Klinika Mediestetik Wrinkle removal injections | Klinika Mediestetik


Wrinkle removal injections | Klinika Mediestetik


  • Treatment forehead 3 600 Kč
  • Treatment around the eyes 3 600 Kč
  • Treatment between
    eyebrows 3 000 Kč
  • Treatment all areas 8 500 Kč


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