Radiodiagnostics in Dentistry

Long gone is the time when the dentist had to only rely on his eyes and his touch in order to examine what was bothering their patients. Modern dentistry uses a whole range of diagnostic devices enabling the dentist to provide a truly complex care for all their patients. Probably the most basic equipment for any dentistry is an X-ray. At our clinic, you can find two types of X-ray devices.

What types of X-rays are there at our clinic?

3D Rentgen - Prague 2

At the Mediestetik clinic, Mánesova 36, we have the most modern 3D X-ray Sirona Ortophos 3D SL. This brilliant X-ray allows us to perform both ordinary panoramic exams and 3D images that are particularly important in surgery and implantology. The integrated Direct Conversion Sensor (DCS) redefines the panoramic view standard - providing unique sharpness. Sharp Layer technology delivers automatically focused panoramic images even in difficult situations. Orthophos SL guarantees maximum and ease of use with automatic positioning, intuitive operation of the EasyPad and offers individually adjustable ambient light for an exclusive look and feel. Images from this X-ray do not need to be called up, they are available immediately and can be delivered to the patient on a USB carrier or burned to DVD, all included in the treatment.

Panoramic X-ray - Prague 1

Panoramic X-ray Planmeca Proline XC® which our clinic owns at branch Prague 1 and uses provides the most basic and most complex insight in the problems of the oral cavity of any patient. In a single picture, it can capture the whole oral cavity and surrounding structures, mapping the state of the teeth, caries presence and so on. There is no need for developing pictures from this X-ray, as they are immediately available and it is possible to copy them on the patient’s USB or send it to the patient via e-mail.

Intraoral X-ray - all branches

Planmeca Intra® (Praha 1) aand Sirona® (Praha 2, Praha 5 and Teplice) is an intraoral X-ray. It makes high-quality pictures of chosen segments of the oral cavity right in the dentist’s chair. The patient doesn’t even have to stand up. These pictures are immediately transferred onto the computer screen, which the dentist uses as he works. Thanks to this X-ray the dentist is able to uncover any possible abnormalities or problems of the teeth much faster and much more efficiently than ever before.

Both our X-ray devices meet the so-called “green” standards and unlike many other devices available on the Czech market, they provide the patient with absolutely minimal dose of radiation.


Radiodiagnostics in Dentistry | Klinika Mediestetik Radiodiagnostics in Dentistry | Klinika Mediestetik


Radiodiagnostics in Dentistry | Klinika Mediestetik


  • OPG panoramic X-ray 650 Kč
  • Intraoral X-ray 200 Kč
  • 3D X-Ray 1800 CZK

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Question: Can I have an X-ray done at your clinic?

Answer: Of course you can. Modern dentistry uses a whole range of diagnostic devices enabling the dentist to provide a truly complex care for all their patients. At our clinic, you can find two types of X-ray devices, the panoramic one and the intraoral one. 

Is it possible to make a 3D image for you?

Hello yes yes it is. At our Prague 2 clinic, we dispose of equipment that produces both OPG images and 3D images. Thanks to the OPG image, the dentist has a complete overview of your cavity and can therefore recommend the most appropriate treatment for you, thanks to the 3D image, your doctor can get a better idea of the state of the bones, which is especially useful when implanting or surgical treatment.

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