Breast plastic surgery: Modelling

Every woman is different and, without exaggeration, is the breast. But not every woman is satisfied with nature's work considering the breasts. From asymmetry, through tubular breasts, to areola anomalies; plastic correction - or more precisely, breast modelling - can help in all these cases.

What is it about?

Modelling, or mastopexy, is, in layman's terms, the removal of the skin excess with the upward movement of the nipple and areola especially the inner tissues of the breast. It is a procedure suitable for both inherently asymmetric/deformed breasts and changes after pregnancy and breastfeeding or weight change. At the same time, it is possible to perform modelling in combinations - for large breasts together with reduction, for smaller ones with enlargement.

How does the procedure take place?

The first is preoperative examination: laboratory blood analysis, ECG and sonographic examination of breasts. Including mapping the patient's own and her family history. The surgeon performs the procedure under full anaesthesia. 1-2 days of hospitalization at the clinic follow (depending on the patient's condition). Afterwards, rest in-home care for two weeks, no smoking, sports or stressful activities. The patient can suppress post-operative pain by prescribed analgesics. In addition, the patient should take antibiotics and swelling-relieving medicaments in the first week. It is very important to wear an elastic bra for 6 weeks.

For whom, and when is modelling suitable?

In terms of age, surgeons usually do not perform breast modelling before the completion of full body development, i.e. before 16th -18th year of life. The only exceptions are serious health complications. The upper age limit, on the other hand, is not determined; the only condition is a good quality of skin and tissues.

Effect of the procedure

Modelling makes it possible to significantly adjust the shape of the breasts together with their size, which also causes scars in more visible places - around the areola, downwards towards the inframammary fold, or alternatively in the inframammary fold (compared to breast enlargement when the scar is hidden under the breast, under the armpit or in the areola). In addition to post-operative techniques such as pressure massages and silicone scar tissue patching, we can further address this negative side effect directly at the Mediestetik clinic with a variety of methods including laser treatment.

Why should you undergo modelling with Mediestetik?

Our surgeons have not only state-of-the-art technologies and materials (dissolvable threads etc.) but also feel and experience for natural and aesthetic shapes. A personal consultation precedes the procedure itself, which gives you a clear overview of what modelling options are feasible with your breasts; and what techniques or combination of techniques our doctor suggests.

Do you consider breast modelling? For further information please contact us at or on the info line: 242 242 242.

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Breast plastic surgery: Modelling | Klinika Mediestetik Breast plastic surgery: Modelling | Klinika Mediestetik


Breast plastic surgery: Modelling | Klinika Mediestetik


  • Small breast modelling
    from 57 680 CZK
  • Medium breast modelling
    from 64 880 CZK
  • Large breast modelling
    from 74 480 CZK

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