Dental Prosthetics

The causes of teeth loss are various, from the unhealthy lifestyle or improper oral hygiene, through genetic predispositions, all the way to our specific medical condition and our injuries. The fact that we have already lost a tooth doesn’t mean we have to deal with it, either. Especially now, when dental prosthesis evolved so much that you absolutely cannot tell the healthy tooth from the prosthesis anymore.

What kinds of dental prosthetics are there?

If there still is a healthy dental root in the gum, it is possible to place a crown on it or a bridge. If the root is missing, the only solution may be a dental implant.

Dental implants have become a standard solution to missing teeth. An implant is a functional substitution for a tooth (including its root), which – unlike the temporary or removable dental prosthetics – allows the patient to have a normal life without any complications or limitations. Each implant consists of a titanium root which is applied into the gum where the actual dental root used to be and of a ceramic crown placed onto this root.

There are several types of dental bridges. Regarding their material, they can be fully ceramic, metal-ceramic or zircon-ceramic. The bridge is usually placed on the teeth surrounding the space left after the missing one, therefore – unlike dental implants – while inserting a bridge the dentist needs to file off the surrounding teeth in order for them to be able to hold the bridge without moving. Mostly, the bridge substitutes one or two teeth.

A crown is a dental prosthesis substituting a single missing tooth which still has its root preserved in the gum. It is usually fully ceramic and it’s manufactured either by a person in a laboratory or instrumentally by the computer system CEREC® right at our clinic.

What is the CEREC® system?

CEREC® is a new generation robotic system enabling the field of dental prosthetics to reach a whole new level. It is a 3D modeling system which scans the patient’s oral cavity down to the tiniest details and then designs the optimal shape of the dental filling or crown for such case. Afterwards, it also manufactures the recommended prosthesis in high-quality ceramics in a span of tens of minutes. In modern dentistry, it is therefore obsolete nowadays what was still bothering us in recent past, like waiting for the laboratory technician, several visits to the dentist’s office and temporary dental prosthesis. The patient only visits the dentist once now and they leave with a fully functional prosthesis, no stress, no waiting.

What is the CEREC® system able to manufacture?

This robotic system is able to manufacture ceramic fillings for the inside of the tooth (so called in-lay), for the surface of the tooth (so called on-lay) or over it (so called over-lay). It also manufactures high-quality ceramic crowns digitally designed for each patient specifically based on thorough scanning and precise calculations.

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Dental Prosthetics | Klinika Mediestetik Dental Prosthetics | Klinika Mediestetik


Dental Prosthetics | Klinika Mediestetik


  • Consultation from 500 Kč
  • The partial denture from  3000 Kč
  • Dentures from  14 000 Kč
  • Inlay, onlay
    from 13 000 Kč
  • Crown from 18 000 Kč
  • Ceramic veneer from 13 000 Kč


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Question: Hello, I have several questions. Would it be possible to manufacture a dental bridge at your clinic for 4 front teeth? Upper jaw, I have a 10 year old bridge there now which doesn’t work properly anymore. How many visits it would take and what are the terms?

Answer: The dental bridge manufacturing is possible at our clinic. Altogether it is necessary to visit us three times. At first, you consult your problem with the dentist and we make scans of your jaw. The second visit would occur in a span of 10 to 14 days, when the dentist would remove your old bridge and apply a temporary bridge. After another 14 days it is possible to apply the brand new fixed dental bridge.

Question: Hello, do you provide removable dental prosthetics, too?

Answer: Yes, we provide fixed dental prosthetics such as implants, but also removable ones.

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