Hello, I’m interested in the Ultraformer treatment but can’t seem to find in what kind of anaesthesia is it provided. I’m afraid of pain. Thank you.

Because of its low demanding character, the treatment is not provided in any form of anaesthesia, including the topical one. Very sensitive individuals can feel a little discomfort; most patients however describe the procedure as painless.

Good day. Is it possible to treat some body parts by this procedure as well, or is it solely designed for the face?

Unlike other rival methods using HIFU, Ultraformer III is able to treat face as well as any body part, from the neck and décolleté, through arms, belly and lower back to thighs or calves. No other similar method is capable of that.

Hello, I wonder, is there any recovery time needed after the procedure? I can’t afford to take any days off from my work.

There is no recovery time or any special regime needed after the procedure. The patient can return to their normal everyday routine right after the treatment and they will feel no limitation or discomfort whatsoever, therefore there is definitely no need to take days off from your work.

Pěkný den, zajímá mě, jestli se pomocí této metody dá ošetřit taky nějaká tělesná oblast, nebo je to jen na obličej?

Na rozdíl od konkurenčních metod využívajících HIFU je technika Ultraformer III jako jediná schopna ošetřit nejen obličej, ale také jakoukoliv tělesnou partii od krku a dekoltu, přes paže, břicho a dolní část zad až po stehna a lýtka.

Dobrý den, uvažuji o ošetření Ultraformer, ale nikde nevidím, jaký typ anestezie se při něm využívá. Bojím se bolesti. Děkuji za odpověď.

Vzhledem ke své nenáročnosti ošetření není prováděno v anestezii, a to ani lokální. Velmi citliví jedinci mohou zaznamenat drobné nepohodlí, většina pacientů ovšem ošetření popisuje jako bezbolestné.

Who is the laser peeling recommended for?

Laser peeling can be recommended for all skin types. It renews the skin without causing any disruptions on it and also stimulates elastin fibres in the skin towards more significant firmness and elasticity of the skin.

I heard Palomar laser has two heads. Which one is used for rejuvenation?

We indeed possess two heads for the Palomar device. Both of them are used for rejuvenation purposes, each of them however works on a different principle: 1540 head uses laser beam and DeepIR head uses infrared light.

What is the chemical peel good for?

Chemical peel can solve many skin imperfections, such as pigment spots, acne traces, widened pores, problematic and combination skin etc. 

What’s the difference between chemical peel and the laser peeling?

Various acid mixtures of different concentrations are utilised to penetrate top skin layer during chemical peel and through its chemical destruction they rejuvenate the skin. The result of this procedure will depend upon the professionalism of the person treating you and recovery can last up to two weeks. Laser peeling Palomar® on the other hand aims for more considerable effects with far less risk. It renews the skin without causing any disruptions on it. The renewal starts from within without affecting the skin’s surface complexion at all.  There is no recovery time needed. You can go to work the very next day or spend some quality time with family and friends. The renewed skin layer will start being visible through the natural complexion renewal process, which takes approximately 28 days. Your face will be noticeably smoother and softer.

I’m interested in Thermage for the eye surrounding and I have a few questions. Are you performing this procedure around the eyelids or do you also treat them? Are the eyes protected somehow during the procedure?

The procedure includes the treatment of the moveable eyelids, too. Special protective lenses are applied before the procedure, so your eyes are protected throughout the whole treatment. Thermage is a very safe procedure that doesn’t affect your eyes anyhow.

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