Is Redermalization painful?

It is a mini-invasive injection method similar to mesotherapy. The substance is applied with a thin needle to the upper layer of the skin. Usually the procedure is minimally painful and there is a possiblity to use anaesthetic cream.

Hello, I would like to ask how long after the treatment until I see the results?

After redermalization treatment, the first results are visible within a few days. The full effect is achieved in about 2 to 3 weeks.

Question: Hello, I wonder why the dental carries develop. Can you tell me? Thank you for your answer.

Answer: Dental caries development is fueled by improper dental hygiene. It is a breakdown of hard tissue of the tooth due to activities of bacteria on the food debris or sugar left on the tooth surface after eating. Such bacteria produce acids and such acids cause demineralization of the tooth enamel, which is how caries develops. At first, the damage of the tooth is mild, as the caries develops and proceeds in dentin, the problems become more serious. If not treated in time, caries can cause the loss of the tooth and the development of periodontal disease.

Question: Hello, how do you treat dental carries at your clinic?

Answer: Emerging and surface dental caries in tooth enamel can be treated non-invasively by the ICON® method, based on the principle of re-mineralization of the tooth enamel by application of various pastes rich in fluoride, resulting in the strengthening of the integrity of the tooth. If the caries already penetrated the dentin, this method will no longer help. In such cases it is necessary to drill the caries out and fill the chamber with a composite or ceramic dental filling.

Question: How exactly does the implantation work?

Answer: The process consists of three phases – firstly, the patient needs to consult their issues with the dentist in order to design a concrete treatment plan, then the actual implantation occurs, approximately after 14 days the stitches are removed and approximately after three months the crown can be placed on top of the titanium root.

Question: Hello, my son 18 years old has a problem with his front teeth – they’re too big and my son is thinking about extracting them and put implants in. Do you think it’s wise? His teeth are otherwise healthy and nice.

Answer: If the teeth are healthy, we choose implantation as the very last option. If your son is not happy with the size and shape of his teeth, it is possible to alter it through ceramic veneers or crowns in a shape and colour of your son’s liking. 

Is there any limitation after the procedure?

Not at all. Just stay away from saunas for a bit and do not perform sports or drink alcohol on the day of the treatment.

Hello, I’d like to book for this procedure. I want to lose some weight from my belly and thighs. Is this procedure suitable for me?

Yes, the Zeltiq Coolsculpting treatment can be performed in the areas of your interest. It also depends on the actual state of your fat layer in the area. The doctor will gladly give you more information during a personal consultation and examination.

Hello, I have a question. Is the procedure suitable for a 63 year old woman?

This treatment is suitable for anyone older than 18.

Hello. Is one procedure enough or do I have to repeat it?

The procedure can help you get rid of up to 40 % of locally stored fat after a single treatment. The fat cells removed shall be gone forever. Most patients are satisfied after one treatment; however, the procedure can be repeated in order to achieve a more remarkable result.

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