Hello, I'm interested in filling the grooves above the upper lip. I have no experience, I'm 53 years old. Your husband hates your puffy lips, so I wonder if you are sensitive to this.

For our lip fill, we use a special Volbella filler that has been specially formulated for lip treatment. It is very soft and soft, which causes a very natural effect.

Hello. Can I ask how this method is done?

It is a mini-invasive method in which dermal fillings are applied to various skin depths to model it.

Hello. I would like to add volume to my face, I have a lot of faulty faces and overall look older than I am. Is it possible to deliver volume to your faces?

Of course, a very effective method of restoring face volume is so-called 3D lifting, which is a special technique for applying dermal fillings. The result is fuller, younger-looking, faces.

Because of my occupation, as I need to stand up all day while working, I have a problem with visible veins on my legs. Is it possible to correct them somehow?

V-Beam™ laser by a well renowned American company Candela is the most efficient solution for skin problems of vascular origin. Laser beam causes fast withdrawal of the visible vessels. Those red spider webs will then slowly fade and you’ll be left with porcelain looking complexion.

Hello, I’d like to have spider webs removed from my thighs, it’s quite a big area on my right leg. 28 years old. Is it possible to undergo this procedure in the summer or should I wait until autumn?

It is indeed possible to undergo this procedure in the summer; however, we don’t recommend exposing the treated skin to direct sun for approximately 3 weeks afterwards. That doesn’t mean you cannot go outside, it means no summer vacations by the sea after the treatment. The skin should also be protected by a sun cream with SPF 50. 

Is there any limitation after the procedure?

Not at all. Just stay away from saunas for a bit and do not perform sports or drink alcohol on the day of the treatment.

Hello, I’d like to book for this procedure. I want to lose some weight from my belly and thighs. Is this procedure suitable for me?

Yes, the Zeltiq Coolsculpting treatment can be performed in the areas of your interest. It also depends on the actual state of your fat layer in the area. The doctor will gladly give you more information during a personal consultation and examination.

Hello, I have a question. Is the procedure suitable for a 63 year old woman?

This treatment is suitable for anyone older than 18.

Hello. Is one procedure enough or do I have to repeat it?

The procedure can help you get rid of up to 40 % of locally stored fat after a single treatment. The fat cells removed shall be gone forever. Most patients are satisfied after one treatment; however, the procedure can be repeated in order to achieve a more remarkable result.

What are the risks of Regenera Activa?

Risks of this treatment are minimal. In this case, is applied, the same as with RegenPlzama treatment, a body own material. There is no risk of unwanted reaction to the foreign substance.

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