Názory klientů

Názory klientů

Message for the Dermatologist – Dr. Styrkunova | Klinika Mediestetik
Lucie Sedláková, Satisfied Patient

Message for the Dermatologist – Dr. Styrkunova

My dear Dr. Styrkun, first of all – let me greet you from Strasbourg. As always, I can only say how great you are and how happy I am with all your care and advice. Thank you for everything. Best wishes, Lucie Sedláková

Laser Epilation: I don't have to care about razorblades anymore! | Klinika Mediestetik
Alexandra S., Satisfied Patient

Laser Epilation: I don't have to care about razorblades anymore!

I have been visiting the Mediestetik Clinic for laser epilation for more than a year. Step by step, I have been getting rid of the hair on my whole body in this way. It is great that I don’t have to care about razorblades anymore – especially during the summer it becomes priceless. During my visits, I have always met nice and helpful staff members, both personally or via chat. You always help, make a reservation, and meet my needs with the dates. Thank you for that!

Laser Epilation | Klinika Mediestetik
Pavla Mandakova, Satisfied Patient

Laser Epilation

I went through laser epilation and I can nothing else but recommend it. I enjoy it the most at my vacation when I don't have to worry about shaving at all.

Excellent treatment as well as results | Klinika Mediestetik
Hana, Satisfied Patient

Excellent treatment as well as results

I'm highly satisfied with the Mediestetik Clinic – both with the way I am always treated by the stuff and, most importantly, with the results as such.

Stomatology | Klinika Mediestetik
Eliska Bobkova, Satisfied Patient


The doctors and nurses at the Mediestetik Clinic are really nice and they have a very professional approach. I am more than satisfied with the results of their work, the atmosphere at the clinic, and of the experience as such.

 | Klinika Mediestetik
Soňa and Evžen Klouboček's, satisfied patients

I want to express my thanks and compliments to the doctor. All of the dental procedures he made were so gently and professionally executed that a recommendation is definitely deserved. The same applies to my husband, who was also more than happy with the work and approach of Dr. Chvojka. Therefore, again, thank you for the care – Dr. Chvojka has our highest respect. P.S.: The team of nice and patient nurses deserves the compliments just as well.

 | Klinika Mediestetik
Jitka, satisfied patient

I would like to thank Mrs. Tatiana Štyrchunova from Mediestetik Clinic Prague 5 – for her patience, kindness, willingness to help and high level of professionalism. Her approach both before and after the procedure cannot be compared to the experience I have had so far at other clinics. I will be back for sure. Jitka

 | Klinika Mediestetik
Anna, Satisfied patient

I would like to express my thanks to Mrs. Tatiana Styrchun. She us a great doctor and specialist, whom I regularly come to visit from Copenhagen, where I currently live. I contacted Tatiana thanks to a recommendation of my friends and I can confirm the qualities reported – I am truly happy both with the results as well as with Dr. Styrchun approach. I have gone through correction of wrinkles with the help of fillers. Tatiana made several rounds of the procedure, each of them with great results. With none of the step I have experienced any problems, everything went as expected. Tatiana chooses combinations and volume of materials with regard to my personal need. I really appreciated her individual and intelligent dealing with the treatment. Moreover, I have also undergone a second chin removal with Belkyra – the results are visible and I am very satisfied. The procedure as such is not very pleasant in this case, but Tatiana makes you at ease and comfortable. Overall: Tatiana is a dermatology expert, but most of all – very nice and attentive doctor. I recommend her care fully!

 | Klinika Mediestetik
Tatjana a Zdeněk Rozlívkovi, satisfied patients

Dear representatives and employees of the Mediestetik Clinic, We would like to thank you for the superb service and fiendly attitude provided to the members of our family and also, to wish you all very happy Easter. Our thanks go especially to all doctors of Mediestetik clinic for the care he provided to our daughters Karolína and Lucie Rozlívkovy. This concers also the nurses and assistants, as well as the coordinator Mrs. Oksana Povroznyk, who is flexible and helpful in communication with all clients. Best regards, Tatjana and Zdeněk Rozlívkovi

Dentistry | Klinika Mediestetik
Yehya Faek Zammar, satisfied patient


Hello, I have been in Prague for 5 days as a tourist and decided to visit the Mediestetik Clinic for a dentist check. Doctor Martina Grebacova found out I had caries in 5 teeth. She did a panoramatic Xray, other 2 intraoral Xrays and also a dental hygiene. Compared to Spain, where I live, the price was much more affordable. I will definitely come back to Mediestetik. The most important thing for me was the treatment and professionality of the doctor, who was friendly, cheerful, apparently likes her job. Both the doctor and the nurse were very attentive. I appreciated mainly the clinic's modern facilities and perfect cleanness. It is very important for a tourist to find a doctor who speaks English. The doctor spoke fluent English, enough to understand me. Before going to the clinic, I searched the reviews and comments at the Internet, and that's why I went to visit Mediestetik.

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