Forehead and eyebrows lifting - Brow Lift PRO-U American technique

The ravages of time take its toll even on our skin. One of the first symptoms of the ageing process can be a drop in eyebrows, loosening of the skin in the area of ​​the forehead and around the eyes. In this case, a correction might be necessary. Besides plastic surgery, the mini-invasive Brow lift PRO-U is designed to help the doctor reverse the effect of time with the help of special subcutaneous threads. The skin returns to its place. The great advantage of the mini-invasive Brow Lift is an instantly visible effect. Moreover, there is no need for recovery due to in-office treatment. In some indications, the procedure is also a possible alternative when it comes to avoiding blepharoplasty.


Mini-Invasive Brow lift PRO-U is a procedure performed in local anaesthesia. The doctor introduces special lifting fibres to the subcutaneous tissue. The physician is able to lift the necessary parts and eyebrows by placing them precisely in the hypodermis and then fix them in the position. The forehead and area of ​​the eyebrows are, from the point of view of the entire face, areas that are quite separate.  Thus, the procedure does not significantly affect other facial parts. The threads dissolve within 12 months of application in the skin. Instead, collagen produces a supporting skeleton at the application site, which is responsible for the resulting effect.

Brow lift PRO-U, or eyebrows lifting with thread, is thanks to its splendours and the use of a non-traumatic cannula, a very effective and low-cost procedure. While performing this treatment, a physician can avoid any large invasive approaches. In addition, the effect of the entire treatment is comparable to the results of the plastic surgery. Against this, however, there is no significant interference with the skin and the need for longer recovery. The thread brow lift is suitable for patients who need aesthetic adjustment of the eyebrows position and their lifting or forehead lifting. Also for those, who want to enjoy the maximum effect of treatment with minimal disruption of personal comfort and working life.


Brow lift PRO-U at the Mediestetik Clinic is a special technique. A physician inserts lifting threads from the hair area into a U-shape, so there is no visible puncture mark at all. It is also a very gentle technique for the patient's skin while maintaining the best possible effect. As one of the few in the world, the threads we are using at Mediestetic Clinic have certification by the US FDA.


The brow lift is a procedure designed exclusively for forehead treatment and raised eyebrows. An alternative to this treatment in other areas of the face and body is the Art Filting® thread lifting, which makes it possible to perform a significant skin lifting with the help of lifting and fixation of the fibres.


The effect of Brow Lifting is visible immediately and looks especially natural. During the following weeks, the skin continues to adhere to the thread, and the maximum effect is reached within the next few weeks. The effect of the procedure lasts two to four years. Restrictions after this ambulatory treatment are minimal.



In addition to lifting eyebrows and forehead, a number of very effective mini-invasive or non-invasive procedures can be performed in the face area to resolve any problem. The main mini-invasive techniques include the already mentioned Art Filting® or meso-threads application, which strengthens the skin. From non-invasive procedures, it is possible to carry out complete face and eyelids lifting with the help of the radiotherapy procedure Thermage. It is also possible to use face treatment with high-frequency ultrasound Ultraformer 3 or fractional laser treatment by Palomar and CO2RE.


Forehead and eyebrows lifting - Brow Lift PRO-U American technique | Klinika Mediestetik Forehead and eyebrows lifting - Brow Lift PRO-U American technique | Klinika Mediestetik


Forehead and eyebrows lifting - Brow Lift PRO-U American technique | Klinika Mediestetik


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Is the Brow lift PRO-U painless?

Brow lift is done in local anesthesia, so the patient does not feel anything.

What is the Brow lift PRO-U with the American technique different?

This is a special procedure in which the yarn in the skin is introduced into U-shape, which brings with it the benefit of minimal skin trauma and the highest achievable effect.

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