SkinLift: The End for Cellulite

You may not have problems with fats but “orange peel skin” may still manage to worry you. Firstly it is only visible when you apply pressure to the skin but later on you won’t be able to hide it, no matter how hard you try. Although cellulite can’t be removed completely, it can be corrected significantly. Mostly, thanks to instrumental body forming.

What is SkinLift?

Unique BodyShape® device combines three main functions: it removes fats and lifts the skin, stimulates blood circulation and provides vacuum lymph massage. It provides thermo-stimulation of collagen in the skin which strengthens and tightens the skin from within. Its overall elasticity is then increased while the redundant skin is removed. You can’t possibly reach this outcome using any creams or anti-cellulitis underwear.

Which areas can I have treated?

Cellulite usually appears in the area of belly, thighs and buttocks, but also calves and arms. Any area attacked by cellulite can be treated.

The effect of cellulite correction

BodyShape® treatment is fully non-invasive and ambulatory. It is painless, even pleasant, and there is no need for any recovery time afterwards. The effect develops in three to six weeks. In order to achieve greatest results possible it is recommended to repeat the treatment in the interval of one to two months – depending on the doctor’s recommendation.

How else can I fight cellulite?

First of all, it is definitely desirable to start eating healthy with plenty of fluids. Throw away the cigarette and do not come back to it. Also, from time to time, try to move a little. Women are more cellulite-prone than men because their subcutaneous fat layer is thicker and their skin is thinner. Also, working habits with excessive sitting down makes it much easier for cellulite to appear.

Apart from the SkinLift technique, also Aqualyx® liposhaping is also great for cellulite. It removes undesirable fats and also tightens the skin. It’s a mini-invasive method. Aqueous solution is applied straight into fat cells, which then starts their fast and effective fission. In addition, it corrects cellulite and makes the skin smoother. 


SkinLift: The End for Cellulite | Klinika Mediestetik SkinLift: The End for Cellulite | Klinika Mediestetik


SkinLift: The End for Cellulite | Klinika Mediestetik

Price list

  • Body Shape 15 minutes 900 Kč
  • Body Shape 30 minutes 1 100 Kč
  • BodyShape 45 minutes 1 300 Kč
  • BodyShape 60 minutes 1 500 Kč

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