Dermis and subcutaneous tissue collagen revitalisation

Dermis and subcutaneous tissue collagen revitalisation

Collagen is well-known as one of the most important building components in our body, including skin. It is protein which forms our dermis, supports wound treatment and creation of new capillaries, as well as absorbs water really well. Unfortunately, with age, the amount of this precious material unavoidably decreases, and the skin can, therefore, thin down up to 20 %. Medical collagen application had been showing exceptional results with the regeneration of chronically deteriorated tissues in the past already. Thus, it has been only a matter of time until its power became fully used in aesthetic medicine. Great news indeed.  Clinically tested type I collagen can promote formation of new collagen fibres in the skin through the activation of fibroblasts.

Collagen biorevitalization:

  • Removes the effects of skin ageing – wrinkles, sagging skin, loss of contours
  • Softening of the acne or injury scars
  • Stria and cellulitis treatment
  • Adding hydration and providing skin strengthening, flexibility, softness, and self-defence.

As a great advantage, collagen can be minimally-invasively applied at almost every part of the body, most commonly treated areas being: face, neck, décolletage and hands. Results are fully visible after approx. two weeks after the first application. For maximum effect then, it is recommended to go through 3 procedures with 2 weeks of in between.

Think about complex regeneration – provide your skin with a collagen rejuvenation. Get and feel younger, start shining again!


  • 1 treatment – 7 500 CZK

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