Our doctors

Our doctors

MUDr. Aneta Krajcova counts among the leading Czech female surgeons. Patients appreciate especially her inner sense of beauty and harmony, as well as trustworthy and professional approach. Her openness in the role of assistant professor has also gained her popularity among students at the Faculty of Medicine, Charles University. Dr. Krajcova focuses on the newest techniques of the so-called BEAUTIFICATION with mini-invasive and laser treatments. She is the head CZ supervisor for the techniques of redermalization, as well as the only Czech plastic surgeon using thread lifting as a substitution for blepharoplasty. She has exceptional experience also in reconstructive and hand surgery, and helps, for example, women after mastectomy. Dr. Krajcova is sought mainly for face corrections (eyelids, facelift, nose) and breast surgeries.

Dr Miroslav Veliký is a highly respected plastic surgeon with more than twenty years of experience in the Czech Republic and abroad. After completing his studies at the Medical Faculty of Charles University, he gained valuable surgical experience as a general surgeon at one of Prague's largest university hospitals. Since 1998, he has been focusing exclusively on plastic surgery. He has successfully performed thousands of operations in reconstructive, aesthetic surgery, onkochirugia and traumatology at premium clinics of Czech Republic, as well as in France and Great Britain.

He strives for a comprehensive approach to a patient. Furthermore, Dr Veliký tries to find the optimal solution to suit the patient's individual situation. His patients praise, in particular, his knowledge as well as experienced and human approach.  He pays great attention to each consultation.

Alex Bilous is one of the most populat dentists at the Mediestetik clinic. His main specialization is implantology and prosthetic dentistry, including dental crowns, bridges and ceramic dental filling with the use of robotic system CEREC®. Over the years doctor Bilous has gained education and experience both in the Czech republic and abroad. Patients appreciate mainly his high professionalism, optimism, and above all his empathy. 

"Teeth can always be beautiful and healthy-looking, no matter if they are the first, second or the third ones.”

Dr. Chvojka is a very experienced periodontal specialist of the Mediestetik clinic. He specializes in the treatment of various soft tissue problems, including periodontitis, and is highly popular among his patients as he very often helps them to treat seemingly unsolvable problems and through his empathy and straightforwardness he eases their fears instantly. Patient awareness and absolute comfort is essential to him.

"Despite the popular ideas, dentists are not bad wolves and won’t bite anyone. So stop being afraid of us – you’ll do good for yourself in the first place.”

MDDr. Tereza Fulínová is an experienced dentist, graduated from the Charles University Medical School in Hradec Králové and she has a very long experience in the field of conservative and constipation dentistry and prosthetics. She works at the Mediestetik clinic from the beginning of 2018, after she has gone from another renowned workplace. Her patients appreciate her in particular the sense of detail, humanity and precision. In her work, she bases herself on quality treatments that ensure long-term functional and full-bodied dentition.

"People often start to think about their teeth only when they start hurting. My job is to work and lead the patients to prevent this."

Martina Grebáčová started her career at the Mediestetik clinic. Thanks to our special training of dental practitioners, she quickly took up all the important practical skills and turned into a dentist of a great potential. She graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the Comenius University in Martin. Her skills and high degree of professionalism provide patients with added value of service. 

"The best tooth for the body is the natural one, therefore, it is always necessary to strive for preservation. The extraction is the last option when there is no other way left."

Dr. Šrubař is an orthodontic specialist of the Mediestetik clinic. He treats a wide range of cases of teeth unevenness using classical outer – metal or ceramic braces, as well as the so called invisible braces, that is those fixed on the inner side of the teeth. Dr. Šrubař is constantly educating himself in his field at many Czech and international medical congresses and his patients appreciate his wide range of knowledge of both standard and the newest trends in modern orthodontics.

„Everyone deserves to have the smile they desire. It is never too late for proper teeth aligning, so shyness aside.”

Jana Janska is a progressive doctor following the latest medical trends. Her portfolio includes a range of treatments with both classical braces and invisible Invisalign folie. She graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the Palacký University, Olomouc. Patients always respect her straightforwardness when she strives for the best possible outcome.

"Orthodontics is not just about braces, but about a complex approach and knowledge necessary for achieving of the perfect effect. Every beautiful straight smile, however, requires an honest cooperation of the patient. I will be happy to help you on the way to beautiful teeth. "

MDDr. Petr Šimek is one of the most experienced dentist at the Mediestetik clinic. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Charles University in Pilsen. Dr. Šimek specializes in surgical, implant and prosthetic procedures. He works mainly at our clinics in Prague and in Teplice. He is popular among his patients for his care and precision, he often manages very complicated procedures while maintaining maximum comfort for patients. His priority is to deliver maximum results. 

"The main idea with which I approach each patient is his maximum satisfaction. Only satisfied patient can satisfy the professional honor of the doctor."

Olga Doroško is a very experienced dentist. Her specialization is classical preservation dentistry, endodontics, prosthetics and surgical treatments. She works at our clinic in Teplice, where she has many satisfied clients. They appreciate not only her skills and abilities, but also her personal and at all times empathetic approach. 

 "Dentists are here for people.Their be beautiful and functional smiles give us satisfaction."

Klaudia Vavrdová started her career at the Mediestetik clinic. Her skills necessary for a precise dental work have been, therefore, strenghtened by the guidance from our dental coach. Doctor Vavrdová specializes in preserving  dentistry. Patients like her gentle approach and precision. She graduated from the 1st Faculty of Medicine at Charles University.

"Keeping healthy and beautiful teeth is the only goal of every dentist. Nothing else matters. "

Světlana Komleva is both an aesthetic and preservation dentist at the Mediestetik clinic. She has a rich experience in both these fields. With her adult patients, she often solves aesthetical defects of the teeth, most often she makes ceramic fillings and veneers. In the field of preservation dentistry, doctor Komleva focuses on children mainly. Her little patients appreciate trust her unpainful treatments. Their parents then value her patience and kindness as her strongest features.

„People should start with proper dental care as soon as possible. Awareness of parents is essential just as that of children.”

Magda Neparidze is a certified laser specialist. She has more than ten years of professional experience with both ablative and non-ablative medical lasers and with radiofrequency technologies used in aesthetic medicine. She specializes in the instrumental methods of skin rejuvenation and body shaping. Apart from her absolute professionalism, her patients praise her for great empathy and kindness.

"Only individual approach towards patients and understanding of their needs and wishes leads to their full satisfaction.”

Dr. Olga Bahníková had worked in one of the biggest faculty hospitals in Prague for many years. Apart from classical and aesthetic dermatology, she focused on trichology (i.e. hair and scalp skin therapy). In the past she also lectured at several professional conferences. At the Mediestetik clinic, dr. Bahníková deals mainly with manual methods of skin lifting and with facial modelling. She provides her patients with professional services of the highest quality, for which she frequently receives praise and recognition.

„It is essential to approach every patient individually and yet complexly. This means not just to plan one treatment, but the whole treatment plan which will keep fulfilling their wishes in the long term.”

Tatiana Štyrkunová has a rich experience in the field of classical and aesthetic dermatology. As such, she has always been able to help patients to fully orientate in the world of non-invasivedermatology. She gives advice on treatments beneficial for the surface of the skin, as well as she gives an exquisite guidance about cellular rejuvenation programs and deeper methods of facial resurfacing. It is her expert knowledge and the ability to explain even the most difficult issues clearly which her patients appreciate about her the most.  

“Everyone is unique. Any corrective treatment therefore must be performed thoughtfully in order to provide patients with freshness and youth but also to preserve what makes them beautiful.”

The domain of Oksana Kolomiyets  is laser epilation, correction and body shaping. She has taken part in a number of Czech as well as foreign courses and conferences focused on cosmetic treatments and skin rejuvenation. At our clinic, her field of expertise is the Ericson cosmetics. Her clients seek her helpful personal attitude and discretion.

"Human skin is the largest organ of our body, we should , therefore, give it the care it deserves, which I am happy to provide you with."

Apart from aesthetic medicine, Dr. Helena Reisingerová alsp specializes in dermatovenerology. In this field she has extensive experience from one of the biggest faculty hospitals in Prague. At the Mediestetik clinic, Dr. Reisingerová focuses mainly on corrective dermatology, whether it consists of manual techniques of wrinkle correction or instrumental techniques of unwanted skin conditions removal. Moreover, she helps her patients with body shaping by mini-invasive methods, such as injective lipolysis or lipomodelling. Her professionalism goes hand in hand with her empathy and helpfulness.

“The best aesthetic care consists of two key aspects – high quality of materials and technologies and maximal professionalism of the physician.”

Dr. Štěpanová studied at the 1st Medical Faculty of Charles University and then joined the team of experienced dermatologists at the Mediestetik clinic. She is very progressive in her work and quickly adopts all new techniques, including recent trends in aesthetic medicine.

"The beauty of woman lies in detail, aesthetic medicine must, therefore, focus on every detail."