About us

About us

International network of clinics Mediestetik is one of the oldest European Medical institutions specialising in aesthetic medicine.  Over 20 years, the Mediestetik brand has represented exclusivity, premium quality, and a high degree of professionalism, while applying innovative methods using modern equipment and maintaining maximum comfort. Thousands of satisfied patients across the continent confirm that such concept is in high demand.

Mediestetik opened first of its branches in the Czech Republic in 2010 and thanks to its rich history and experience from its other 30 European subsidiaries started to set trends in the local field of aesthetic dermatology – its doctors were the very first to introduce the original and patented cryolipolysis Zeltiq CoolSculpting® on the Czech market, as well as the revolutionary non-surgical lifting Thermage® and the ground-breaking Swiss methods of cellular rejuvenation RegenPlasm© and RegenMatrix©.

Mediestetik Dental Clinic in Prague first opened its doors in 2012 as one of the first local medical institutions using high-tech robotic systems such as CEREC®, which is able to design and to manufacture high quality ceramic dental prosthetics in few minutes, and a fully equipped implantology centre (including an ultrasound scalpel). You can find expert authorities here with long years of experience and international education, who bring only the highest world standards of contemporary preservation and aesthetic dentistry to their patients.

In 2016 the clinic welcomed first orthodontic and orthopaedic patients. The year 2016 also marked the expansion of the clinic outside Senovážné náměstí in Prague city centre and the development of a network of Mediestetik Clinics within the Czech Republic.

Scientific research is constantly moving forward and Mediestetik Clinic keeps up, which is why its physicians are regularly being sent to the best international courses, congresses and conferences, in order to assure that their patients always receive absolute professionalism and the high quality performance which can satisfy the expectations of even the most demanding of them.


Our Services

Corrective and Aesthetic Dermatology, Trichology

We consider ourselves a trendsetter as we regularly bring innovative methods and unparalleled treatments to the Czech Republic. From all of those we introduced to the Czech market over the years, it is definitely worth to mention the non-surgical Thermage® lifting and the patented Zeltiq CoolSculpting® cryolipolysis. We offer a wide range of treatment for wrinkle and sagging skin correction, for the improvement of the skin quality and hair growth, for body shaping and for the removal of specific skin conditions (freckles, scars, stretch marks, visible veins etc.). Our physicians work exclusively with authentic equipment certified by the American FDA and by the European Union.

Preservation and Aesthetic Dentistry, Orthodontics

Our clinic takes advantage of the newest methods of contemporary dentistry. We specialize in preservation dentistry (dental caries treatment, periodontal treatments, endodontics, dental hygiene etc.), dental prosthetics (dental implants, bridges, crowns, veneers) and aesthetic dentistry (aesthetic teeth restoration, teeth whitening, orthodontics). Our equipment includes robotic system CEREC®, panoramic and intraoral X-ray, dental operating microscope and a fully equipped implantology centre (including an ultrasound scalpel).


Orthopaedics is one of the fundamental medical fields. It focuses on the musculoskeletal system, specifically on the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of its problems, illnesses and injuries. Apart from developmental defects, degenerative diseases of major joints and sports injuries, our specialists also treat the symptoms of lifestyle diseases, caused by sedentary professions and the lack of movement linked to them.

Plastic surgery

Patients can choose not only from a variety of traditional plastic surgery procedures, such as liposuction, abdominoplasty or breast augmentation, but also among some of the latest approaches, e.g. Fat Transfer or Silhouette Soft. The main pillars of Mediestetik plastic surgery are first-class surgeons with extensive international experience as well as premium materials and above-above-standard facilities, including a unique operation theatre made of anti-bacterial glass.

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How long does recovery after liposuction takes?

Approximately 5 days and then you can do whatever you like

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