About us

About us

Mediestetik’s international network of clinics is one of Europe’s oldest aesthetic medical institutions. For almost twenty years, the Mediestetik brand represents exclusivity, premium quality and high expertise along with innovative methods and state-of-the-art technology. Thousands of satisfied patients across the continent confirm that this concept is in demand.

In the Czech Republic, Mediestetik’s network of clinics began operating in 2010 and, thanks to its rich history and the experience of its 30 European branches, immediately began to determine trends in the domestic field of aesthetic dermatology - for example original patented cryolipolysis Zeltiq CoolSculpting®, revolutionary non-surgical lifting Thermage®, or revolutionary Swiss cell rejuvenation method RegenPlazma® and RegenMatrix®. with the CEREC system, which is capable of modeling and producing dental restorations within a few tens of minutes, and a fully equipped implantology center (including ultrasound scalpel). You will find medical capacities with years of experience and foreign education, which bring to their patients only the highest world standards of contemporary restorative and aesthetic dentistry.

In 2016, Mediestetik also began to focus on orthodontics and orthopedics. The year 2016 also brought an expansion outside Senovážné Square in the center of Prague and the establishment of a network of clinics in the Czech Republic.

Scientific research is constantly moving forward and the Mediestetik clinic keeps pace with it, , congresses and conferences so that they can always guarantee their absolute professionalism and mastery of performance to meet the expectations of even the most demanding patients.

What we specialize in

< strong> Corrective and aesthetic dermatology, trichology

We identify trends in aesthetic dermatology. We regularly bring innovative methods and treatments to the Czech Republic that were unprecedented. These include the non-surgical Thermage® lifting or patented Zeltiq CoolSculpting® cryolipolysis, which we brought to the Czech Republic first. We provide a full range of treatments to correct wrinkles, lift wilted contours, improve skin quality and hair growth, shape your body and eliminate specific skin problems (freckles, scars, stretch marks, veins, etc.). Our doctors only work with authentic equipment certified by the US FDA and the European Union.

Restorative and aesthetic dentistry, orthodontics

Our clinic uses the most modern methods of contemporary dentistry . We specialize in restorative dentistry (caries treatment, periodontal treatment, endodontics, dental hygiene), prosthetic dentistry (implants, bridges, crowns, facets) and aesthetic dentistry (aesthetic dental restoration, teeth whitening, orthodontics). We have the most advanced technological equipment including CEREC® robotic system, panoramic and intraoral X-ray, surgical microscope and fully equipped implantology center (including ultrasound scalpel).

Plastic surgery

Patients can choose between classic procedures such as liposuction, abdominoplasty or breast augmentation, but also several innovations such as Fat Transfer or Silhouette Soft. Plastic surgery Mediestetik relies on the work of top surgeons with international experience as well as above-standard facilities with an operating room made of antibacterial glass.

We answer your questions

How long does recovery take after liposuction?

Approximately 5 days, then you can do whatever you like.

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