Laser Resurfacing

Are you worried by wrinkles or scars that acne has left in your face? Entrust yourself in the care of a premium medical laser by American company which will not just smoothen your skin significantly but also rejuvenate it.

What is laser resurfacing?

Laser resurfacing achieves great results in correcting acne scars, in removing unwanted pigmentation and in overall skin rejuvenation. It corrects wrinkles and firms up the skin. Apart from that, it is also highly effective in the removal of unwanted structures on the skin such as excrescences of various kind, birthmarks, fibromas, papilomas and warts.

Thanks to its unique system of targeting the treating area this laser also stimulates the skin to faster healing. Its normalization then comes in a rather short time.

Which areas can I have treated by this method?

resurfacing is performed for the whole facial area.

The effect of laser resurfacing

The treatment is ambulatory, it’s performed in topical anaesthesia and takes up to one hour. Straight after the procedure it is not recommended to soak the area or to expose it to sun. Approximately after a week, all is back to normal.

What is Venus Viva ™?

Venus Viva™ is an advanced, non-invasive treatment that improves the overall texture of the skin. It is a revolutionary solution for facial remodeling and resurfacing of the skin. It effectively removes scars and stretch marks all over the body as well as symptoms of rosacea. This treatment decreases visible pores even in skin texture. It reduces signs of aging and thus ensures a fresher, more youthful appearance. It can even out textural irregularities for refined looking skin. Acne scars can be removed for a cleaner and healthier complexion. Deep lines and folds may be reduced for younger looking skin. It corrects necklace lines to lessen the signs of aging. Lax skin can be diminished and tightened for a firmer décolleté.

Which areas can I get treated?

Due to the multi-functionality of Venus Viva™, and a broad spectrum of solutions to various problems, this method is suitable for treatment of the whole body.

Venus Viva ™effect

This innovative procedure is safe and effective for all seasons and also for all skin tones. Almost no convalescence is needed after the treatment. It brings immediate and long-term results. For the perfect effect, and depending on the damage to the skin, it is necessary to complete the course of treatment in around three sessions with an interval of a month or month and a half.

Why is Venus Viva ™ unique?

What makes this procedure unique is its ability to cover a larger area of ​​skin, which is not customary in other devices, and thus solving the multiple issues during one session. It delivers impressive efficiency through combining NanoFractional Radio Frequency™ (RF) and one-of-a-kind SmartScan™ technology. Venus Viva™ is the first system that allows the manual control of ablation and coagulation to increase

the effectiveness of treatment. The Venus Viva™ device provides a different energy density to allow ablation of the epidermis and coagulation of dermis area resulting in skin resurfacing with minimal discomfort.

Ablative or non-ablative?

If you’re not familiar with various laser types, you really don’t have to be. A professional can always tell you which one is suitable to help you with your condition. Non-ablative laser treats the skin without disrupting it. The laser heats the skin up to stimulate it to bigger collagen production, which means the skin becomes more elastic and tight. This laser is therefore used for so called laser peeling.

The exact opposite of non-ablative laser is obviously the ablative laser. This type of laser disrupts the top skin layer and causes its complete renewal at the same time. Probably, the most well-known ablative resurfacing laser which achieves great results in removing freckles, skin excrescences of any kind, moles, freckles, fibromas or warts. Apart from that laser is also excellent in removal of acne scars or unwanted pigmentation as well as for the general skin rejuvenation. It softens wrinkles and tightens the skin.


Laser Resurfacing | Klinika Mediestetik Laser Resurfacing | Klinika Mediestetik


Laser Resurfacing | Klinika Mediestetik


  • Face treatment 10 000 Kč
  • Face treatment Venus 7 800 Kč

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I’ve spent all my teenage years fighting with acne and now I’m left with unsightly scars. I’ve heard that a laser may help with them, is it true?

Resurfacing laser achieves great results in correcting acne scars. It disrupts the top skin layer and causes its complete renewal at the same time.

I have age spots and wrinkles all over my face. Can you help me with that?

There are various methods that can help you. One of such can be a facial resurfacing by a laser which achieves great results in correcting wrinkles, in removing unwanted pigmentation and in overall skin rejuvenation.

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