SMAS lifting - Ultrasound lifting Ultraformer III

Wrinkles or sagging skin is a problem for many of us, although thanks to modern aesthetic medicine it no longer needs to be, as there is a great number of various rejuvenation and lifting procedures available. Mediestetik clinic is now introducing a revolutionary Ultraformer III treatment to the Czech market, a treatment that surpasses all its rival methods of skin rejuvenation by far.

What is Ultraformer III?

It is the newest non-invasive method of skin lifting for the face and body using so called MMFU (micro and macro focused ultrasound; it is a next generation of HIFU based devices). This energy penetrates deep in the skin and selectively heats up not just the skin and fat tissues but also muscles. Due to muscle contraction and due to a high collagen production, which the treatment stimulates the cells to perform, a significant lifting effect occurs after a single treatment. The skin is firmer, more elastic and looks noticeably younger and healthier. There is no need for any recovery time or any special regime after the treatment.

Apart from a combined treatment for both surface and deep skin structures, Ultraformer III is also capable to target each area separately. This means that it is possible to only treat the surface layers or to only treat the deep ones, which enables the doctor to really focus on the area where the patient’s problem comes from.

Which areas can I have treated?

Basically any facial area can be treated by this method, from the forehead, through the eye surroundings or cheeks to the lower part of the face including double chin. Apart from the face, the treatment can also be provided for the neck, décolleté or various body parts.

The effect of Ultraformer III

To a certain extent, the effect of this treatment is visible right away. The patient notices visible toning of the skin immediately, however, the maximum effect develops in next two to three months and can last up to two years.

Why is Ultraformer III unique?

Ultraformer III is the newest medical technology using MMFU. It is highly efficient and safe, as well as it is fast, nearly painless and there is no recovery time needed afterwards. Unlike other rival methods using HIFU, Ultraformer III is able to treat face as well as any body part. No other similar method is capable of that.

It is a certified and clinically tested method, in the Czech Republic currently only and exclusively provided at the Mediestetik clinic.


SMAS lifting - Ultrasound lifting Ultraformer III | Klinika Mediestetik SMAS lifting - Ultrasound lifting Ultraformer III | Klinika Mediestetik


SMAS lifting - Ultrasound lifting Ultraformer III | Klinika Mediestetik

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  • Face and neck treatment
    from 30 000 CZK

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Dobrý den, uvažuji o ošetření Ultraformer, ale nikde nevidím, jaký typ anestezie se při něm využívá. Bojím se bolesti. Děkuji za odpověď.

Vzhledem ke své nenáročnosti ošetření není prováděno v anestezii, a to ani lokální. Velmi citliví jedinci mohou zaznamenat drobné nepohodlí, většina pacientů ovšem ošetření popisuje jako bezbolestné.

Pěkný den, zajímá mě, jestli se pomocí této metody dá ošetřit taky nějaká tělesná oblast, nebo je to jen na obličej?

Na rozdíl od konkurenčních metod využívajících HIFU je technika Ultraformer III jako jediná schopna ošetřit nejen obličej, ale také jakoukoliv tělesnou partii od krku a dekoltu, přes paže, břicho a dolní část zad až po stehna a lýtka.

Hello, I wonder, is there any recovery time needed after the procedure? I can’t afford to take any days off from my work.

There is no recovery time or any special regime needed after the procedure. The patient can return to their normal everyday routine right after the treatment and they will feel no limitation or discomfort whatsoever, therefore there is definitely no need to take days off from your work.

Good day. Is it possible to treat some body parts by this procedure as well, or is it solely designed for the face?

Unlike other rival methods using HIFU, Ultraformer III is able to treat face as well as any body part, from the neck and décolleté, through arms, belly and lower back to thighs or calves. No other similar method is capable of that.

Hello, I’m interested in the Ultraformer treatment but can’t seem to find in what kind of anaesthesia is it provided. I’m afraid of pain. Thank you.

Because of its low demanding character, the treatment is not provided in any form of anaesthesia, including the topical one. Very sensitive individuals can feel a little discomfort; most patients however describe the procedure as painless.

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