New at the Mediestetik clinic - Fraxel DUAL ®

New at the Mediestetik clinic - Fraxel DUAL ®

We are happy to introduce you a new addition in the family of our lasers – Fraxel DUAL®– a powerful tool which allows for an effective treatment of tired and sagging skin, pigmentation spots, but also scars and stretchmarks!

Fraxel DUAL® is a fractional non-ablative laser helping to rejuvenate the skin and smoothen its surface. Unlike the ablative lasers, it does not inflict the topmost layer of the skin and does not change its unity. Moreover, the laser rays penetrate the skin with intensity, coverage and depth adjusted by the dermatologist on the basis of a primary analysis. In the skin layers, it reacts with age-loosened collagen fibres, as well as with other skin structures. Thanks to the remodelling of the present fibres and contribution to the production of new ones, is the effect immediate. Moreover, it further develops during the days following the treatment.The skin then becomes firmer, more flexible, brighter and more beautiful.

The procedure is fast and almost painless thanks to the use of special cooling item by Zimmer getting cold airstraight through the head of the laser to the surface of the treated skin. No convalescence is required followingly and application of make-up is possible just as well.

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