The new Anti-Age regeneration at the Mediestetik clinic

The new Anti-Age regeneration at the Mediestetik clinic

Aesthetic medicine brings ever-newer and more perfect ways to regenerate the skin and rejuvenate it. Thanks to aesthetic innovations, new and more effective ways of combating skin aging, hair loss and other aesthetic and health problems can be found.

The current trend is the use of biotechnologies and stem cells that are inherent in the body and can trigger a massive regeneration process. Thanks to the unique System, which was first brought to the Czech market by Mediestetik, you can also use this therapy!

This is a mini-invasive technique which is suitable for any facial area or scalp, as well as other body parts according to the doctor's indication. The cell suspension is made by the patented procedure and then, after dilution with physiological saline, it is applied back to the skin with a mesotherapeutic route (using a thin needle).

They are completely natural technicians without any additives or chemical activators. In the case of this treatment, just as with RegenPlazma treatment, the material itself is used exclusively in the body.

Treatment improves the condition and quality of the skin, nourishes hair onions, results in increased hair density and stimulates the growth of new hair follicles.

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