Volite - An innovative skin preparation that improves skin quality for up to 9 months

The Mediestetik Clinic is a brand-new product. VOLITE is a product specially formulated for extra moisturizing the skin and increasing its elasticity and softness, improving the quality of the facial, neck, décolleté and hand skin. The features of this unique product and its characteristics stand at the edge of mesotherapy and dermal fillings, where this product selects the best of both techniques. VOLITE is not just a mesotherapy or mesolift, but a product that also offers lifting effect. In this preparation, low- and high-weight hyaluronic acid molecules are combined.

The preparation has a high degree of softness, elasticity, only minimal swelling after injection. VOLITE hydrates deep skin, increases skin density, refreshes and restores its structure. The result is improved skin texture and its elasticity, deep and long-lasting hydration, strengthening and lifting effect.

VOLITE is the only product of its kind that ensures an exceptionally long duration of results after one treatment, up to 9 months. The effect is visible immediately, full effect is achieved during the first 14 days after application, mainly due to the biological activity of hyaluronic acid. The effect of VOLITE treatment thus combines mesotherapy, biorevitalization and dermal fillings. The product is applied with the help of an extremely thin needle of the new generation, which guarantees maximum comfort and minimization of pain, swelling and risk of hematoma.

VOLITE is a new generation product that produces a natural and long-lasting result after just one treatment. It can be used as a separate preparation or it can be combined with dermal fillings.

Treatment Prices:

  • Whole face 15 000 Kč (2x1ml)
  • Back of hands 7 500 Kč (1x1ml)
  • Neck 7 500 Kč (1x1ml)
  • Dekolt 15 000 Kč (2x1ml)

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