Question: How exactly does the implantation work?

Answer: The process consists of three phases – firstly, the patient needs to consult their issues with the dentist in order to design a concrete treatment plan, then the actual implantation occurs, approximately after 14 days the stitches are removed and approximately after three months the crown can be placed on top of the titanium root.

Question: Hello, my son 18 years old has a problem with his front teeth – they’re too big and my son is thinking about extracting them and put implants in. Do you think it’s wise? His teeth are otherwise healthy and nice.

Answer: If the teeth are healthy, we choose implantation as the very last option. If your son is not happy with the size and shape of his teeth, it is possible to alter it through ceramic veneers or crowns in a shape and colour of your son’s liking. 

What is the Brow lift PRO-U with the American technique different?

This is a special procedure in which the yarn in the skin is introduced into U-shape, which brings with it the benefit of minimal skin trauma and the highest achievable effect.

Is the Brow lift PRO-U painless?

Brow lift is done in local anesthesia, so the patient does not feel anything.

I’m 43 years old and have sagging skin under my chin. I’ve read about the Art Filting method. Can it be suitable for me?

Art Filting method is the most efficient solution for the treatment of sagging skin, which suggests that it would be great for you. The doctor will, however, gladly confirm it after examining your skin in person. Based on your condition, the best possible treatment plan will be designed for you during the consultation.

I’m 66 years old. Can I be treated by this method, too?

This method can be used in any age, as it depends on the skin quality and state more than on the actual age. The doctor will gladly tell you after examining your skin in person, whether this method is suitable for you or not.

Good day. I’m very interested in Art Filting. I’m 57 years old and my skin is sagged mostly in the lower third of my face. Can you delete wrinkles above my upper lip too during this treatment? Thank you

Art Filting method is the most efficient solution for the treatment of sagging skin. For the wrinkles around the mouth, however, a different procedure might be more suitable for you. One of those could be dermal filler application, which is one of the greatest solutions for deep wrinkle correction. Wrinkles around the mouth and the eyes can be corrected by this method very well.

I’m interested in Thermage for the eye surrounding and I have a few questions. Are you performing this procedure around the eyelids or do you also treat them? Are the eyes protected somehow during the procedure?

The procedure includes the treatment of the moveable eyelids, too. Special protective lenses are applied before the procedure, so your eyes are protected throughout the whole treatment. Thermage is a very safe procedure that doesn’t affect your eyes anyhow.

Hello, I want to have my chin hair and hair above the upper lip removed. Is there any special regime needed after the treatment?

There is no special regime or recovery time needed after the procedure. Not exposing the skin to direct sun for approximately 14 days is recommended only, in order for the unwanted pigmentation not to occur. 

Hello, I normally pull out my facial hair manually. Is it possible for you to remove them with laser?

Laser epilation using alexandrite laser Candela GentleLase® is the only hair removal procedure certified by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as provably efficient. The treatment is very fast, thanks to a special skin cooling system right before and after the laser impulse it is also painless and is truly permanent. If you normally pull your hair out, stop doing it few weeks before the laser treatment, as the laser has to have hair bulbs to target and destroy.

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