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Laser epilation with up to 50% discount!

Are you bothered by unwanted hair anywhere on your body and regular shaving or waxing is annoying you? It does not have to, thanks to really effective laser epilation!

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Alex Bilous is one of the most populat dentists at the Mediestetik clinic. His main specialization is implantology and prosthetic dentistry, including dental crowns, bridges and ceramic dental filling with the use of robotic system CEREC®. Over the years doctor Bilous has gained education and experience both in the Czech republic and abroad. Patients appreciate mainly his high professionalism, optimism, and above all his empathy. 

"Teeth can always be beautiful and healthy-looking, no matter if they are the first, second or the third ones.”

Světlana Komleva is both an aesthetic and preservation dentist at the Mediestetik clinic. She has a rich experience in both these fields. With her adult patients, she often solves aesthetical defects of the teeth, most often she makes ceramic fillings and veneers. In the field of preservation dentistry, doctor Komleva focuses on children mainly. Her little patients appreciate trust her unpainful treatments. Their parents then value her patience and kindness as her strongest features.

„People should start with proper dental care as soon as possible. Awareness of parents is essential just as that of children.”

Klaudia Vavrdová started her career at the Mediestetik clinic. Her skills necessary for a precise dental work have been, therefore, strenghtened by the guidance from our dental coach. Doctor Vavrdová specializes in preserving  dentistry. Patients like her gentle approach and precision. She graduated from the 1st Faculty of Medicine at Charles University.

"Keeping healthy and beautiful teeth is the only goal of every dentist. Nothing else matters. "

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