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Beautify your lips with Juvéderm Smile

How does the ideal lips look like? According to the researches, we like lips that are reasonably WIDE, FULL, SOFT and WELL-DEFINED. Do you also desire such? You can have it!

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MDDr. Tereza Fulínová is an experienced dentist, graduated from the Charles University Medical School in Hradec Králové and she has a very long experience in the field of conservative and constipation dentistry and prosthetics. She works at the Mediestetik clinic from the beginning of 2018, after she has gone from another renowned workplace. Her patients appreciate her in particular the sense of detail, humanity and precision. In her work, she bases herself on quality treatments that ensure long-term functional and full-bodied dentition.

"People often start to think about their teeth only when they start hurting. My job is to work and lead the patients to prevent this."

Apart from aesthetic medicine, Dr. Helena Reisingerová alsp specializes in dermatovenerology. In this field she has extensive experience from one of the biggest faculty hospitals in Prague. At the Mediestetik clinic, Dr. Reisingerová focuses mainly on corrective dermatology, whether it consists of manual techniques of wrinkle correction or instrumental techniques of unwanted skin conditions removal. Moreover, she helps her patients with body shaping by mini-invasive methods, such as injective lipolysis or lipomodelling. Her professionalism goes hand in hand with her empathy and helpfulness.

“The best aesthetic care consists of two key aspects – high quality of materials and technologies and maximal professionalism of the physician.”

Dr. Šrubař is an orthodontic specialist of the Mediestetik clinic. He treats a wide range of cases of teeth unevenness using classical outer – metal or ceramic braces, as well as the so called invisible braces, that is those fixed on the inner side of the teeth. Dr. Šrubař is constantly educating himself in his field at many Czech and international medical congresses and his patients appreciate his wide range of knowledge of both standard and the newest trends in modern orthodontics.

„Everyone deserves to have the smile they desire. It is never too late for proper teeth aligning, so shyness aside.”

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