REGENMATRIX 2 + 1 FREE TREATMENT Our 2 + 1 RegenPlazma event is over, you can now enjoy even better action! RegenMatrix 2 + 1 FREE tubes! RegenMatrix is RegenPlazma specially enriched with hyaluronic acid and designed to regenerate and hydrate the skin! /en/actions/#regenmatrix-2-1-free-treatment
GET RID OF WRINKLES - BEAUTY INJECTION WITH 15% DISCOUNT! Remove frown lines, crow's feet and other mimic wrinkles! We offer marvellous 15% discount to remove wrinkles! /en/actions/#get-rid-of-wrinkles-beauty-injection-with-15-discount
FACIAL LIFTING + FREE GIFT Do you desire youthful and tight skin?! Now you have the unique opportunity to take advantage of our fabulous holiday offer. In addition to a non-invasive lifting Thermage or Ultraformer III, get a gift of your choice! /en/actions/#facial-lifting-free-gift
CRYOLIPOLYSIS + GIFT Do you want to get rid of stubborn fat deposits that even diets or fitness centre cannot remove, and you feel there is nothing that can help you?! We bring an exceptional summer offer! /en/actions/#cryolipolysis-gift
Dermal Fillers from 5000 CZK! The Mediestetik Clinic offers new dermal fillings at an incredible price! Now only for 5 000 CZK! /en/actions/#dermal-fillers-from-5000-czk
NEW - REGENERA ACTIVA - STEM CELL REJUVENATION We are pleased to present the latest cellular rejuvenation technology! Regenera Activa is based on the use of autologous stem cells and is the latest biotechnology attaintment in aesthetic medicine! /en/actions/#new-regenera-activa-stem-cell-rejuvenation
REDERMALIZATION 2+1 Summer is endlessly approaching and the skin is properly prepared for sunshine, summer fun and other activities when it gets our skin to work properly. That's why we come with Redermalizace 2 + 1 for free! /en/actions/#redermalization-2-1
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NEW - Removing the chin with Belkyra Does a sagging chin or a double chin bother you? Do not worry, you're not alone! A similar aesthetic problem affects many patients. Now, however, there is a unique solution to the problem, which is a completely new Belkyra. Thanks to the treatment with deoxycholic acid, which is the active substance, we can achieve a contoured chin or removal of the second chin. /en/actions/#new-removing-the-chin-with-belkyra
Laser epilation with 30% off! Drop razor blades, shaving gels and patches! Currently we offer epilation with the most effective alexandrite laser from USA with 30% discount! /en/actions/#laser-epilation-with-30-off


Our 2 + 1 RegenPlazma event is over, you can now enjoy even better action! RegenMatrix 2 + 1 FREE tubes! RegenMatrix is RegenPlazma specially enriched with hyaluronic acid and designed to regenerate and hydrate the skin!

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Magda Neparidze is certified laser specialist of Mediestetik clinic. There are more than ten years ofprofessional experience behind her of working with both ablative and non-ablative medical lasers andwith radiofrequency technologies used in aesthetic medicine. She specializes in instrumental methods ofskin rejuvenation and body shaping. Apart from her absolute professionalism her patients praise hermuch for her great empathy and kindness.

„Only individual approach towards the patient and a patient understanding of their needs and wishes isthe key to their full satisfaction.”

MUDr. Aneta Krajcová is one of the top specialists of the clinic. Her specialization is plastic surgery. In addition to its clinical and pedagogical activities, the Mediestetik clinic focuses on plastic surgery and aesthetic dermatology, where its specialties include mainly dermal fillings and a unique redevelopment technique. Her internship experience includes foreign internships such as at the Heidelberg clinic, the Rostock University or the Lake Garda Clinic.

 "Aesthetic medicine is a discipline that is very much connected not only with the physical form but also with the mental well-being of every person."

Komleva is both, an aesthetic and preservation dentist of Mediestetik clinic – she has a rich experience in both these fields. With her adult patients she often solves aesthetical defects of the teeth, most frequently she performs ceramic filling and veneers masterly. In the field of preservation dentistry doctor Komleva focuses on children dentistry. Of course that her young patients appreciate the most that their treatment does not hurt. Their parents, on the other hand perceive her patience and kindness as her strongest features.

„People should start with the proper teeth care as soon as possible. Awareness of the parents and the children too is the key.”

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How long does recovery after liposuction takes?
Approximately 5 days and then you can do whatever you like
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