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Give your skin a new energy before the coming winter! Redermalization action is back! 2 + 1 treatments for FREE! Action applies to selected preparations!

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Alex Bilous is highly demanded dentist at Mediestetik clinic as his main specialization is implantology and prosthetic dentistry including dental crowns, bridges and ceramic dental filling using robotic system CEREC®. Over the years he has been educating himself not just in the Czech Republic but also abroad. His high professionalism and optimism is very welcome among his patients as well his empathy.

Teeth can always be beautiful and healthy looking, no matter if they’re your first, second or third.”

Komleva is both, an aesthetic and preservation dentist of Mediestetik clinic – she has a rich experience in both these fields. With her adult patients she often solves aesthetical defects of the teeth, most frequently she performs ceramic filling and veneers masterly. In the field of preservation dentistry doctor Komleva focuses on children dentistry. Of course that her young patients appreciate the most that their treatment does not hurt. Their parents, on the other hand perceive her patience and kindness as her strongest features.

„People should start with the proper teeth care as soon as possible. Awareness of the parents and the children too is the key.”

MUDr. Lucie Bezděková is one of the experienced physicians - dermatologists.Experience in his professional life is gained both by work in a renowned regional hospital and in the private sector. It specializes in injecting rejuvenation techniques, especially RegenPlazma-enriched therapy, mesotherapy, redermalization, laser epilation and skin cleansing. She works at a branch in Prague 1 or Prague 5, where she has a large number of satisfied clients who like to return to her and appreciate especially her professional and at the same time human approach.

  "Dermatology is a field that works with a human body, such as the skin. That's why the skin needs to deliver everything that needs its proper function. "

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Approximately 5 days and then you can do whatever you like
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