3D breast modelling with Crisalix App

3D breast modelling with Crisalix App

Have you been long dreaming about breast enlargement, you just wonder and hesitate about the possible results? No more question marks! The Mediestetik Clinic provides a technology that can fully materialize your vision. Crisalix is the name of a premium Swiss application allowing for simulation of different sizes and shapes of implants right at your own body.

It is quite simple – the surgeon scans your torso completely (360°) to provide data for the modelling. As a result, you can test which sizes of implants correspond to your corporeal proportions, how is the augmented breasts going to look like from different angles, and also, how they are going to react with various movements.

The usual BEFORE and AFTER presentations therefore gain a completely new dimension at the Mediestetik Clinic – a real, and most importantly: a truly personalized one! Your dreams will simply become true right in front of your eyes already before the procedure.

Do you also want to have a clear idea and confidence before augmentation?

Book your consultation with our surgeons and learn about Crisalix possibilities yourself!

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