Removing excessive sweating + a gift worth CZK 1,500! Get rid of annoying wet stains in the armpits! There is an easy solution in the form of application of botulinum toxin to the armpits! In addition, you will receive a gift in the form of a laser epilation voucher worth CZK 1,500! /en/actions/#removing-excessive-sweating-a-gift-worth-czk-1-500
Thermage with 30% discount! Do you want to add a new impulse to beauty before summer? We have an offer that does not refuse! Original patented Thermage technology now available in limited offer with a 30% discount on facial, neck and neck treatment! /en/actions/#thermage-with-30-discount
ULTRAFORMER III at an unbelievable price! Are you tempted by the maximum rejuvenation of your face using the ultrasound machine with the latest generation of guaranteed results? Then this is the right treatment for you, Ultraformer III, with incredible discount of 10 000 CZK. You can now enjoy the treatment of the whole face and neck only for 20,000 CZK instead of 30,000 CZK! /en/actions/#ultraformer-iii-at-an-unbelievable-price
REGENPLAZMA 2 + 1 FREE TREATMENT Looking for the ultimate regeneration of the skin, halting the ageing process, or even skin cell rejuvenation? Then we have the unique Swiss technology of DNA rejuvenation RegenPlazma! /en/actions/#regenplazma-2-1-free-treatment
Prague 1 laser Hair Removal 3 + 1 Treatment FREE Throw away your razors, shaving gels and patches! Currently, we offer the most effective hair removal by alexandrite laser from the USA for new, better prices. With each purchase of a 3 treatments package you will get one FREE! /en/actions/#prague-1-laser-hair-removal-3-1-treatment-free
Cryolipolysis one treatment in Teplice 5 000 CZK We are proud to announce that the family of Hi-end devices at the Mediesetik clinics has grown. Our new addition in the Teplice branch is a new device for non-invasive liposuction, cryo lipolysis. /en/actions/#cryolipolysis-one-treatment-in-teplice-5-000-czk
Cryolipolysis Zeltiq Coolsculpting 3 + 1 Treatment free + GIFT We bring you a special offer. If you buy 3 original patented cryolipolysis Zeltiq Coolsculpting treatments you get the fourth completely FREE! Your curves will be sexier than ever! /en/actions/#cryolipolysis-zeltiq-coolsculpting-3-1-treatment-free-gift
Procedures for payment in installments with 0% increase! Are you tempted by any of the procedures at Mediestetik clinics and do not want pay immediately? Our clinic, in cooperation with JT bank and HC Finance, currently offers an exclusive possibility of spreading your payments over 12 months, with no extra charges! /en/actions/#procedures-for-payment-in-installments-with-0-increase
New Mediestetik APP! As the first clinic in the Czech Republic, Mediestetik brings a loyalty app! Now, each of you can download our application called "Mediestetik" in your app store and for each bill in the clinic Mediestetik you will get the points back, up to a maximum 17% of the treatment! /en/actions/#new-mediestetik-app

Removing excessive sweating + a gift worth CZK 1,500!

Get rid of annoying wet stains in the armpits! There is an easy solution in the form of application of botulinum toxin to the armpits! In addition, you will receive a gift in the form of a laser epilation voucher worth CZK 1,500!

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Apart from aesthetic medicine Dr. Helena Reisingerová is also specialized in dermatovenerology. In this field she has extensive experience from one of the biggest faculty hospitals in Prague. At Mediestetik clinic Dr. Reisingerová is mainly focused on corrective dermatology, whether it consists of manual techniques of wrinkle correction or instrumental techniques of unwanted skin conditions removal. Among all else she helps her patients with body shaping by mini-invasive method such as injective lipolysis or lipomodelling. Her professionalism goes hand in hand with her empathy and helpfulness which her patients especially appreciate about her.

“The best aesthetic care consists of two key aspects – of high quality of materials and technology and of maximum professionalism of the physician.”

To provide the patient with the smile they can be proud of, that is the motto of Dr. Jaroslava Nemesh. It is then only logical that she specializes in aesthetic dentistry including professional teeth whitening, dental composite filling and aesthetic teeth restoration. She speaks Czech, Slovakian, Russian, Ukrainian, German and English fluently, which makes her a much demanded dentist. Her patients also appreciate her kindness and patience.

“What is the main purpose of a dentist? For the patient to always have a reason to smile.”

Dr. Tatiana Štyrkunová has a rich experience in the field of classical and aesthetic dermatology. She is agreat professional in skin care and she is always able to orient her patients in the world of non-invasivedermatology perfectly. Often she advice her patients about treatments beneficial for the relief of theskin, as well as she gives an exquisite guidance about cellular rejuvenation programs and deepermethods of facial resurfacing. It is her expert knowledge and the ability to explain even the most difficultissues absolutely clearly which her patients appreciate about her the most.  

“Everyone is unique. Any corrective treatment therefore must be performed thoughtfully in order toprovide us with freshness and youth but also to preserve what makes us beautiful.”

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How long does recovery after liposuction takes?
Approximately 5 days and then you can do whatever you like
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Newly opened branch at Prague 5

The Mediestetik Clinic expands its services, which is why we have recently opened a new branch in Petržílkova street 2835 at Prague 5.

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Mediestetik Clinic loyalty app

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